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Packing the home office - tips and tricks

Packing and moving the home office can be an extremely difficult task. It is time-consuming and demanding both physically and emotionally. You need to follow a basic set of tips and tricks to do it properly. The organization, creating a plan, and hiring the best professional moving company such as Zenith Moving NYC are the key components to a successful relocation. Let us go over some of the tips and tricks that will help you pack the home office like a pro.

Prepare for packing

Before you start packing your home office inventory, it is important to prepare yourself for the process of packing and moving. Your home office more than likely contains valuable documents that you cannot afford to lose during the move. On top of that, you have the added difficulty of packing the computer and all of the various devices connected to it. The office may also contain books, notebooks, and papers which require strong, cardboard boxes. The boxes you use will also have to be protected and ready before the moving day. All of this goes into the process of preparing before you start packing everything. Here are a few things you need to do before the packing commences.

Create a checklist

First of all, you want to start preparing for packing by creating a simple checklist. This checklist contains all of the items you have in your home office. The checklist includes your documents as well. These need to be properly accounted for so you do not end up losing any important documentation.

Write down all of the items that you have in your home office and create a checklist.


Gather the packing supplies

Second of all, you need to find proper tools and boxes where you will store your home office items. The packing supplies you need are:

  • Cardboard boxes. These come in various sizes so you need to ensure you have the right boxes for your items.  Organized and professional moving companies Manhattan will provide you with the best moving boxes.
  • Bubble wrap. Your home office contains many sensitive and easily breakable items. Bubble wrap serves as a layer of protection inside the boxes for these items.
  • Duct tape. While the boxes themselves have to be sturdy, the duct tape will make sure they stay closed during the move.
  • Markers and labels. Each box needs to be marked and labeled. This is especially the case when packing various documents and fragile items.
Cardboard boxes.
You need proper tools and cardboard boxes to pack your home office.

Get rid of the items you no longer need

Unwanted and unused items always pop up during the move. They only take up space and now that you are moving you should avoid packing these items. It is important to see what can be left out before you start packing your home office. Some of the items may be obsolete or broken and you do not want them in your new house. You can sell these items at a yard sale or give them to a local charity organization. Either way, these items would only cost you more time and space so you should find a suitable way to get rid of them.

Begin packing your home office

Once you are ready to start packing your home office, you should begin with the easy stuff. These are usually large furniture pieces including chairs, tables, lamps, and books. When you get these items sorted and packed inside the boxes add the extra layer of protection using the bubble wrap and duct tape. Afterward, use the markers to label which boxes contain which items. Now that the large pieces are out of the way, you need to start disassembling the electronics. This means that you should unplug all devices, separate different cables, and pack them accordingly. Most of these items include devices connected to your PC such as keyboard, mouse, and speakers. You should always keep a close eye on your packed documents as these are the most important items in your inventory. Passports, diplomas, work documentation, birth certificates, etc. should be packed separately and in a personal briefcase.

Hire professionals

We have already established that the process of packing and moving your home office is extremely demanding and can be difficult. When you add onto this the rest of your household items, the duration of your packing can increase from several days to several weeks. This is why hiring professional long-distance movers Manhattan is a valid choice. A well-organized moving company provides you with the necessary supplies needed for packing. These including special cardboard boxes, specifically designed for household inventory. They also provide workers who can help you pack and move the boxes. Furthermore, you have the added benefit of not using your car for transportation. A moving company will provide its vehicles such as moving trucks. This is especially important if you are moving to a big area such as New York City. Professional movers will help you pack and relocate items but you still need to take proper care of your documents. This is still going to be your number one task when hiring movers. Otherwise, you risk losing your documentation or simply packing them in a wrong cardboard box where they might be damaged.

Professional movers.
Enlist the help of a professional moving company when packing your home office.


To sum up, the process of packing your home office has several key difficulties which you can overcome using some simple tips and tricks. The most important tasks are the organization and making a plan. Begin by creating a list of items in your home office. Gather the necessary supplies, including boxes and tools you need to pack your items. Avoid packing the things that you never plan to use again. You should get rid of these unnecessary items as it will make the process of packing easier. Packing should start with large items first and then you should move on the smaller, more fragile components such as PC parts and phones. Take care of your documentation and always make sure you know exactly where it is packed. When in doubt, hiring professional Manhattan commercial movers to help you pack and move is a great option. Follow these basic tips and tricks and your packing will go on smoothly and safely!