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Green Moving tips for eco-friendly relocation

Here are some eco-friendly and sustainably green moving tips and tricks we at Zenith Moving can suggest. Each of us makes a big environmental impact over the course of years. It is determined by the lifestyle we choose, the food we eat,Green moving – tips for sustainable and eco-friendly relocation but as well practices we use when packing and moving. We focus on packing logically and efficiently. However, efficiency isn’t exactly best known for being a green and environmentally friendly process. Standard forms of packing and moving traditionally engage plenty of eco-unfriendly materials.

However, it’s still not too late for you to reduce your environmental footprint the next time you move house

Start your green moving journey with decluttering

Let’s start from the basis by sorting the items you no longer need in three piles:

  1. “SELL” -You can clear the space before moving, by selling the items that are in good conditions, but you no longer use. For that purpose, you can use services such as Offerup and Facebook Marketplace. The smaller space you occupy on the moving vehicle means less fuel and less carbon emission during transport.
  2. “DONATE” – A lot of food gets thrown away daily, even more, when moving. Start decluttering your kitchen cupboards and the freezer early. Some food indeed needs to be thrown away if expired. However, things like canned food and other unopened groceries might be perfect to donate to local shelters. You can donate as well plenty of other items you no longer use: furniture, appliances, electronics, children’s toys, clothes, books. If you opt for this solution, do thorough research to find the best places to send donations to, so that people from your community can benefit directly.
  3. “GIFT” – Show your generosity to your loved ones while caring for the environment by gifting some items you wish not to bring to your new home.

Sustainable moving means creativity

Not only does sustainable moving require planning in advance, but also a lot of creativity. Before opting for the eco-friendly moving boxes, consider using containers you already have:

    • Suitcases are not only great for transporting clothes, but they can be useful when relocating books. They are especially handy if having wheels on the bottom. 
    • Plastic bins and cans can hold all types of household items and appliances.
    • Dresser drawers and crates are useful for all sorts of garments and wear.
    • Laundry hampers are suitable for holding pillows, bedsheets, bathroom items, toiletries, etc.
    • Reusable grocery totes and bags can be very versatile and are perfect for transporting food.

Green moving requires some out-of-the-box solutions, so why don’t you start with the things you plan to move anyway such as: towels, linens, blankets, comforters, and even clothes. These soft fabrics will make sure your goods stay extra safe during transport. If you still end up needing the plastic materials, you can find different recycling centers where you can drop the materials that you no longer need after the move.

Choose your carrier with care

When relocating, try to make the fewest amount of trips possible with your move. Cut the small trips to and from your new home and concentrate on shipping all of your items at once.  For suggestions on how to turn your storage green, follow our eco-friendly storage solutions

Bear in mind that all the steps you take now to have eco-friendly and green moving can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and settlement afterward