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Finding some additional space for your belongings in the Big Apple can be a pain, whether you’re a native New Yorker or a newcomer. And the price of storage isn’t cheap, like most things in NYC.

Nevertheless, the city is home to hundreds of storage facilities, so you can probably find one that suits your needs and is reasonably priced. The amount of items you have, where and how you wish to store them, and the average cost you pay are all factors.

To choose what is ideal for you, take the time to analyze your needs, understand how those factors will affect the cost, and determine how much you are prepared to pay.

The Typical Cost of Storage in NYC per Month

A 5×5-foot storage unit in NYC typically costs around $60 per month. It is around 25 square feet in size or the equivalent of a walk-in closet. A 10×10-foot unit costs, on average, about $250 per month (200 square feet, or enough room for a car).

Therefore, the amount of the monthly storage payment varies substantially based on a variety of variables. Location determines the price of storage in NYC the most, just like it does for real estate.

For instance, a 10×10-foot self-storage space in Queens’ Long Island City typically costs roughly $225 per month to rent. Though officially outside of New York City, a comparable space in Jersey City will only cost you half as much. A nice one-bedroom apartment on Broadway in the Bronx can cost more to rent than 100 temperature-controlled square feet in Broadway, Manhattan.

Here is a broad breakdown of average storage prices in NYC’s five boroughs for a standard 10×10-foot room, from most costly to least:

Average Manhattan Storage Price

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $225 and $500 each month if you want to store your belongings in the most sought-after and pricey borough of New York. A non-climate-controlled flat will cost about $400 per month on average.

Brooklyn’s Average Storage Cost

Brooklyn is often less expensive than Manhattan, though certain areas are catching up. However, because it is three times larger, storage costs may be considerably lower. You can get a 10×10-foot area for between $200 and $300 per month if you look around.

Queens’ Average Storage Cost

Given that Queens is by far the largest of the five boroughs, there is a wide range in the price of self-storage facilities. Overall costs are comparable to those of nearby Brooklyn, however in more rural locations you can find nice apartments for $150-200 a month.

Cost of Storage on Average in the Bronx

The Bronx offers the most economical storage due to its proximity to Manhattan. You can locate 10×10-foot flats for about $100 per month, depending on the area.

Factors That Affect Storage Cost

Your overall storage unit pricing will depend on several factors, including the size of the storage unit, the length of the rental, amenities like temperature control, drive-up access, insurance, and so on. In Queens, a 1×2 foot locker for a few minor belongings costs about $15 per month. On the Upper West Side, though, a sizable climate-controlled storage space with all the bells and whistles may run you upwards of $1,500.

When determining your NYC storage budget, keep the following important factors in mind:

The Storage Unit’s Size

The size of a unit might be anything from a box to a three-car garage. If your one-bedroom apartment isn’t overly cluttered, a 10×10-foot storage space should be adequate to hold everything. However, 10×20 feet can typically hold most of the belongings of a four-bedroom house. Additionally, prices rise with unit size.

In the Big Apple, location is very crucial. Generally speaking, storage costs decrease the farther you are from the epicenter (i.e., downtown Manhattan). However, such isn’t always the case based on the facility, its particular location, amenities, etc.

Time Frame

The majority of businesses rent on a month-to-month basis; however, there is no set minimum for storage rentals. Nevertheless, long-term (months or years) rentals typically result in reductions. Depending on how long you want to rent from them, some businesses will waive the first month. Additionally, there is typically no time restriction, allowing you to keep belongings in storage permanently (maybe with automatic monthly credit card deductions).

Security Options

Every storage facility has a unique culture when it comes to safety. The level of protection (such as alarms, round-the-clock surveillance, security guards, etc.) will undoubtedly affect your overall costs.


Insurance is always a wise choice, no matter how secure the situation is. Many businesses will include it in their storage packages, however with other businesses you could have to pay extra for it.

Environment Control

Make sure they are always safe if you are storing things like delicate furniture, valuables, artwork, and so on. The majority of NYC facilities have some type of climate control, although these services typically come at an additional cost.

Make a Storage Plan

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