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How to avoid common moving injuries

Moving can be exhausting and hard, especially if you are not focused and prepared for heavy lifting. Moreover, lifting heavy boxes can result in injuries if it is not done properly. Moving injuries are highly possible when we do something out of focus and we are rushing to get something done. If you want to avoid them the best way to do that is to ask for help. Our moving company has prepared a couple of tips that can help you avoid common moving injuries. We truly hope this article will help you have to have an easy move.

How to avoid common moving injuries – thing you need to know

People often get injured during the relocation process, especially if they are not used to hard labor. Common moving injuries are usually back injuries, sprain joints, bruises, and scratches. They mainly happen because of heavy lifting and dragging boxes and furniture. You can easily avoid the buy hiring one of the moving companies Manhattan has to offer.  Moreover, they are familiar with lifting technics and they have the proper moving equipment. Also to prevent injuries to happen you need to make a good moving plan and not rush anything. Rushing moving tasks can lead to even more stress and you need to stay focused to be able to coordinate all of the moving tasks. Moving injuries are more common than you think. Therefore you need to be focused on your moving tasks and educate yourself on how to prevent them.

A man bandaging his hands
You can bandage your wrists for extra protection and avoid common moving injuries

You can also prevent them if you dress appropriately for your moving day. Here are some tips on dressing for moving day.  You should wear snickers instead of sandals, and keep in mind that your laces need to be tied securely in order not to trip over them. Prepare an extra t-shirt. You don’t want to go out if you are soaking wet, which can only result in catching a cold or flu. Don’t wear oversized clothes because they can stand in the way of packing and carrying the boxes. However, the most important tip we can give is to wear something you feel comfortable in.

Sprained ankle injuries and how to prevent them

Since you have to walk on your moving day this is one of the common moving injuries you have to avoid. If you sprain your ankle on moving day that can only mean you need to rest for two to four weeks. Therefore you need to prevent this from happening. This kind of thing can happen easier than you think. All you need is to take one misstep, especially if you are going downstairs in a hurry or you are not looking carefully where you are going.

A doctor
You can even get hospitalized because of some injuries during your move

To prevent this common injury from happening on your moving day you will need to wear shoes that have a tight grip on your ankle preventing it from rolling. Also, make sure you have clear your passage to the doorway and from it to the moving truck. However, you need to prepare for moving while it is raining. You can do that by laying down old towels to prevent potential slipping.

How to avoid back injuries

When it comes to lifting heavy furniture and moving boxes your back suffers the most. There are some people that are suffering from herniated discs after lifting heavy pieces of furniture. Bad lifting technics can result in all kinds of back problems in the future. You can prevent this from happening if you know how to properly lift boxes. The right way of picking boxes from the flor is to squat down and list them form your knees. This way you will have less pressure on your back. However, don’t forget to not overload the boxes, in the end, you will need them to be easy to move. If you can’t do it on your own you should hire some of the SoHo movers companies.

Avoid common moving injuries on hands, fingers, and toes

Breaks, bruises, pinches, and scratches are more common than you think. They are common, not only on moving day we all can get them on a daily bases. One of the most common moving injuries to avoid are ones to the hands, fingers, and toes. They can happen in a split second of not paying attention to what you are doing or where you are going. No matter if you are helping your moving crew with carrying lighter boxes you need to clear your route. Also, wear protective glows in order to protect your fingers, and wear closed-toe shoes to protect your toes. Be careful when you are putting boxes down, you need to protect your fingers and toes during this process.

How to prevent cuts and scrapes

There is nothing worse than paper cuts. There is a good chance you will have at last one if you do not handle cardboard boxes with caution. Therefore, you might need to have gloves. You can buy them online or at the nearest hardware store. The same goes for carrying mirrors and glass objects. The wardrobe will make good protection for cuts and scrapes as well. You want to have as much of your skin covered as possible.

Avoid common moving injuries by hiring a moving company

Maybe the best wat to avoid all of these injuries is to hire a moving company. No matter if you are going to hire a cors country or interstate moving companies NYC has to offer. You should hire professionals. They have all the needed tools and experience in preventing injuries from happening.

A person going up the steps
Avoid straining your ankles as well

How to avoid common moving injuries – conclusion

This will conclude our article. The moving process can be hard and stressful, but with following these tips it won’t be painful in the end. Remember to wear protective clothing, use moving equipment, hire the moving company to help you, and don’t rush. Take it easy and coordinate all moving tasks. Good luck with your move and don’t forget to have fun in the process.