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Musicians may experience anxiety at the prospect of a transfer. This is because musical instruments are costly and prone to damage.

It’s crucial to keep your instruments carefully packaged to prevent damage during any travel, regardless of distance. Zenith Moving provides a unique piano relocation service for any pianist out there. Overall, though, we’ve provided advice on how to pack your musical instruments to preserve their performing quality when you move.

Woodwinds and Brass

Simply disassemble your instrument and place it in a traditional velvet-lined hard case for transportation.

These enclosures are made specially to safeguard each component of the instrument by keeping it securely in place and protected from shock. The best course of action, if you don’t have a hard case, is to attempt to protect your stuff with items you already have at home. Consider covering each piece of the disassembled instrument with bubble wrap or some other material. Then put it all in a box big enough to hold everything without making the pieces shift during transport. Put padding inside the box, such as a thick blanket or towel. Avoid putting packing peanuts into woodwind and brass instruments since they could damage the valves.


Disassembling a drum set is the first stage in transporting it. The smaller drums can be put within larger drums during transit while being shielded from skin harm by removing the drumheads. 

To prevent anything from getting lost during the move, keep all minor parts in a different container. Your drums are prepared for packing once they have been meticulously disassembled.

Make sure to use bubble wrap, packing paper, or other materials to cushion the box. Place the drums inside the box and then fill the remaining area with cushions to avoid shifting while being transported. Carefully seal the box shut using many layers of tape for reinforcement.

Transporting a Guitar

Did you know that your nearby UPS store has packaging boxes for guitars? A guitar can be shipped or transported in these special 50″ x 20″ x 9″ boxes, but they might need to be ordered in advance, so check with your local UPS shop before your move.

Loosen the guitar’s strings and take off the strap to prepare it for shipment. Loosening the strings and taking off any superfluous accessories, such as the strap, helps spare your guitar any unneeded stress. This is because tight strings are more likely to snap while the guitar is being handled. Follow guidelines similar to those for packing drums when packing the guitar. To prevent the instrument from shifting, make sure the bag or box is well-padded and that any empty spaces are filled with additional packing materials.

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