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How can I pack and move my fragile wall decorations and mirrors is a frequent moving query that far too frequently goes unanswered until the last minute.

Packing sensitive products is different from packing essentials. Fragile decorations cannot be thrown into a box carelessly on a moving day like clothing or bedding can. Without expert assistance, such as our unique service for art, glass, and marble, moving can be disastrous for your priceless décor. This is because mirrors and frames can be both expensive and delicate.

Having said that, Zenith Moving is aware that some people prefer to move independently. Given the importance of decorations in your house, we’ve put together a list of the top moving advice for frames, mirrors, and other accent pieces.

Saving Your Reflection by Reflecting

Padding comes first whether you’re moving locally in New York City or across the country. When I think back on moving as a kid, I remember how much fun it could be to bother my parents using bubble wrap, but the addictive plastic is useful for more than just exploding.

Before moving day, think about using bubble wrap or other packing paper to protect your priceless frames and delicate mirrors. This will not only give a little extra cushion in case of a bumpy ride, but it will also help keep those objects in position. Reducing the likelihood of crashes. To quickly wrap breakable items, use towels, clothing, bedding, or other textiles.

After that, think about life-proofing your decor. Glassine paper is a type of wrapping paper that resists grease, water, and the elements. If the weather is severe on a moving day, the paper can serve as a barrier between pricey art and the elements. As well as protection from any spills that might occur during transportation. If you have prints that can be moved without their frames attached, cardboard shipping tubes can keep your artwork weatherproof and compact.

Tape Can Be Useful

Take and remove the tape just to be safe. A glass mirror or frame with packing tape applied in the shape of an “X” will shatter less if it does manage to break. The strong adhesive high-quality tape will also guarantee that boxes containing heavy frames or mirrors remain intact throughout the moving procedure. 

The Safest Method for Moving Decor

Hiring a reputable moving company is the best way to guarantee that your mirrors and frames get to your new house in the greatest shape. Zenith Moving provides solutions for all of your moving requirements. And works assiduously to preserve the beauty of your assets!

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