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Moving is a stressful time when success typically hinges on completing one difficult duty after another. Time management is critical, and failing to optimize the weeks, days, and hours you have available might have disastrous consequences. Please use the following basic packing timetable, grab the ideas that work best for you, and include them in your packing checklist.

4 Weeks Before the Move

Having one full month before the scheduled move-out date is reason enough to consider yourself fortunate, or at least more fortunate than somebody who just has a few days to pack up all of their possessions. If you can keep things organized and focused when packing your house for moving, you should be able to finish the packing process comfortably ahead of schedule.

  • Pre-packing – 4 weeks or more before moving day is one of the finest packing tricks ever.
  • Out-of-season items – Pack any goods you know you won’t need until you’re ready to move out. Typically, these are out-of-season items such as clothing, shoes, and clothing accessories.
  • Special equipment – If you have any unique equipment (often housed in your storage facilities), it’s time to make it ready for transfer. Sports equipment, fishing tackle, electric power tools, lawn equipment, and so on are examples of specialized equipment.

3 Weeks Before the Move

After you’ve taken care of all the stuff that can be safely pre-packed, move on to the non-essentials in your home – everything you won’t need in the following few weeks.

  • Books. Yes, it is safe to state that you will not have time to read books until your relocation is far behind you. Even if you do find time to read, putting aside one or two novels should be enough.
  • Make extra bedding. Pack all of your extra bedding from closets, including bed coverings, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and so on. Consider carrying any extra towels and tablecloths you have.
  • Kitchenware. As you may expect, the kitchen will be one of the most difficult areas to organize and pack properly. Make things simpler for yourself by packing all of the kitchen goods you won’t need for the next three weeks or so ahead of time.

2 Weeks Before the Move

Start packing any goods that you seldom use two weeks before the arrival of the most crucial day of your home transfer. Keep in mind that while 2 weeks may appear to be plenty of time at first, that is the period when time seems to fly by and you won’t even notice when your move day knocks on your front door.

  • Toys and games. If you have children, there will very certainly be plenty of activities and toys to prepare for transportation. Ask your children to save a few of their favorite toys from the past few weeks and pack the rest – board games, construction sets, jigsaw puzzles, dolls, model cars, teddy animals, you name it.
  • Jewelry. Sure, you still have time to wear your favorite jewelry items, but that’s it – you should pack away the earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces you wear on more important occasions. Don’t put off packing your jewels until the last minute.

1 Week Before the Move

Things can quickly get considerably more hectic when you just have 7 days till you have to move out. To stay on track with your packing schedule and checklist, take a moment or two to evaluate your work before proceeding.

  • Items from the kitchen (what’s left of them). Leaving the kitchen till last is a huge packing mistake. So leave only the necessities and pack the rest. Pack your small kitchen appliances, such as a toaster, blender, mixer, and so on. In most circumstances, leaving the microwave on the day before moving day is preferable.
  • Clothes (what remains of them). Leave enough clothing for the next several days and store the remainder in appropriate boxes or arrange them inside clothes boxes. Determine what you want to wear on a moving day as well.
  • Medicines. Go through your medicine cabinet and box up any drugs you don’t use regularly. The sorting procedure alone will take a significant amount of time, so act quickly.

Moving Day Has Arrived

Your moving day has arrived, perhaps much sooner than you expected. The main thing to note here is that you should not forget to bring anything for the Big Day.

At least not anything that will need more than a few minutes to pack in a plastic bag and place in your necessities box. Such as your toothbrush and toothpaste. Keep one empty box nearby for last-minute items just in case. Finally, take one more look around your whole living environment for any neglected objects.

It’s moving day, and your packing timetable for moving should be complete. The packing checklist above should help you manage your packing procedure in a logical and organized manner.

To Sum Up

Oh, and before you say to yourself, “Let the packing begin!” take a good look at you and thoroughly examine the pre-move condition as well as your packing checklist. If you possess expensive specialist items, such as appliances and furniture that are too heavy and large to pack yourself, don’t hesitate to hire expert professional movers like Zenith Moving. Contact us right away for a free quote!