On the Road to Bridgeport

Moving from New York to Bridgeport, CT might look complicated and strenuous.  Regardless of the borough — Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx– from which one is moving, the destination is Bridgeport, CT. In order to reach it, the moving process implies the relocation of all belongings. Irrespective of whether it is one room, an entire house, an office, or a company, one needs a mover. The moving company should be available to assist the client in the way that alleviates the initial impression about moving.  Preferably, it would be a moving company that provides a client oriented service.  This often implies:

  1. free estimates,
  2. packing services,
  3. short and long-term storage,
  4. professional service,
  5. safety.

Typically, a representative from the moving company would assess the objects and provide an evaluation of the moving expenses. Packing requires wrapping all the belongings, loading them on the truck, relocating, unwrapping, and unpacking them. Furniture, fragile and valuable objects, antiques, and technology call for special attention. Storage should provide a balanced temperature and air conditioned space to keep the belongings in good shape. The client must have complete access to their belongings while they are in the facility. In addition, the rates should be reasonable.  The team of professional movers should be available, friendly, efficient, and aware that safety is of the essence. If the moving company meets these requirements, moving from New York to Bridgeport, CT is rendered simple and easy.

There and Then

Once there, the new home in the historic seaport town, the largest in Connecticut, welcomes the newcomer. However, one might need, want, or have to go back to New York City. Sometimes, it is a daily commute due to work or some other obligations and commitments. In any case, one can travel by:

  1. train,
  2. car,
  3. bus,
  4. plane.

The Metro North train runs from New York City to Bridgeport, CT. It leaves from Grand Central Terminal and arrives at the station in Bridgeport approximately in an hour and a half. The Amtrak Northeast Regional operates, as well. It leaves from Penn Station, and also arrives at the station in Bridgeport approximately in an hour and a half. That is also the time required to reach Bridgeport, CT by car. The Greyhound and Peter Pan buses operate regularly. A flight from the John F. Kennedy International airport to Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport takes less than an hour.

Bridgeport, CT used to be a farming settlement back in the colonial days. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the economy was shifting toward heavy industry. The growth was disrupted during the Great Depression. Afterward, during the period of the recuperation of the economy, it started burgeoning again. Yet, the economy suffered as a consequence of the restructuring of the US economy in the context of globalization. Redevelopment at the beginning of this century spurred the reawakening of the real estate industry. Many new buildings were built. Downtown and some of the East Side, the North End, the South End, and the West Side neighborhoods were gentrified. This was again hindered due to the global economic crisis in 2007-2008. However, the economy of Bridgeport, CT has gained impetus again. Stores, banks, and corporate units can be found there. It has advanced healthcare, finance, and education sectors, as well.  It boasts of the esteemed Bridgeport Hospital, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and the University of Bridgeport in particular.

When and What

Moving from New York to Bridgeport, CT brings one to the town that has a warm temperate climate. It is characterized by long, hot summers. Winters can also be long, and rather cold. Showers and storms are possible during the hot months. In winter, there are both sunny and snowy days. This does not come as a surprise to New Yorkers.  Nor would they be taken aback by the entertainment offerings at theaters, restaurants, zoo, and recreational sites. Some of the prominent cultural venues are Downtown Cabaret Theatre, the Stress Factory, Klein Memorial Auditorium. The museums are a special treat. One should take advantage of the Discovery Museum and Planetarium, the Housatonic Museum of Art, and the Barnum Museum. Bridgeport, CT proudly hosts media facilities and companies, including radio, TV, and newspapers. In a word, moving from New York to Bridgeport, CT is worth it.

Planning a Move to Bridgeport?

If you’re ready to move to Connecticut, using a professional Manhattan moving company can make all the difference. Our full service movers at Zenith Moving can help you plan, store and pack for your big move to Bridgeport, CT. View our moving services and complete an online quote form to get started.