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Moving to Queens - the ultimate guide

It is time to relocate and many things to organize and prepare. Especially if you have a big family and a lot of belongings that come with it. Moving is a big event in people’s lives and an emotional one as well. Therefore, to make it all easier, start panning on time. With a proper moving plan and a few tips and tricks, you’ll make it work. The goal is to make your relocation successful and bearable for everyone included. Hence, we bring you the ultimate guide you should use when moving to Queens. Let’s take a look.

Are you aware of the moving costs?

One thing that influences all other steps in a moving project is the budget. You should set aside the amount you are willing to invest, and a bit more for unforeseen events. You never know what might happen while in the process of moving. So, after dedicating a budget, start thinking about the moving date. Ideally, it would be enough to spare a month to cover everything moving involved. But you will be fine with two well-organized weeks on your hands.

Then start making a moving checklist that will contain all the steps and chores you must complete before your long-distance movers Manhattan arrives. Add to the list, the steps that will demand your hard-earned money. This way you’ll know where to stretch the budget and what would your final bill look like.

Realize the moving costs on time while you are moving to Queens
Calculate your moving costs on time and prepare your moving budget.

Finally, figure out what can you do on your own. Whatever you do before your movers arrive will reduce the moving cost significantly. For example, you can pack yourself, or clean, declutter, and downsize. Prepare as much as you can and as much time you can invest in preparations. Find out if you can donate, sell, recycle, or gift the items you do not need anymore. Remember, fewer items you have, less you’ll pay in the end. Make moving to Queens cost-efficient.

Get ready for moving to Queens by researching properly

Probably most of the time invested in a moving organization will be spent on a search for a reliable moving company. What you want to find is a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and affordable moving team to assist you. It may sound impossible but it is doable. Begin your search by asking your loved ones if they can recommend a proper moving company in Manhattan. Check with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Word of mouth is a reliable way to find a good service, especially if someone already used it and it can give positive feedback about it. Then, check your local paper adds, and finally check the offers online.

Browse online and find a positive customer experience. A moving company you can trust.

Browsing the internet for a solution is a lucrative way nowadays. In a matter of seconds, you’ll find a plethora of moving companies offering all kinds of services. But be careful, there are always scamming and fraudulent moving companies that offer unrealistic prices and services. Be aware of this and compare your top choices with care. Eventually, you’ll narrow down your search and find a suitable choice. Remember to read forums and blog posts about your moving company. Try to find previous customer experience so you can rest assured that your choice was good.

Be proactive, investigate further.

You are probably wondering if your choice was the right one. Do not worry, you can always take the whole search a step further and find your answers. Firstly, do not pick straight away. Set aside several top choices and look at them more thoroughly. Perform a background check of some sorts. This is best done by checking if your movers are members of the US Movers Association. Then, check if they have an official website with a logo of the company. Physical address and contact info are a must. Of course, if they have all the permits and licenses to operate.

The best way to find this out is to give them a call. Simply pick up the phone and communicate with your moving representative. This is a chance to ask all those questions you need answers to. If this is not enough, pay them a visit and communicate everything in person. The proactive approach is rewarding and if you ask the right questions, you’ll be sure that you found a moving team you can trust.

Moving to Queens with ease. Packing tips for a pro move!

There is no relocation without a tiresome packing process. You can either purchase the packing service from your movers or do it yourself. One is to have a dedicated packing team that will handle everything in a matter of hours. On the other hand, you can reduce moving costs significantly if you do this yourself. Therefore, here are a few things you should know if you are packing on your own:

Moving box
Cardboard boxes are an inevitable part of each moving endeavor. Make sure you have different sizes available.
  • Cardboard boxes – Moving boxes are essential to the whole process. Depending on the size of your move and your needs, you’ll need at least a dozen. Just remember to obtain different sizes and a bit better quality ones.
  • Wrapping paper – You can buy wrapping paper at the nearest hardware store. It is extremely useful when wrapping individual pieces. Although, you can use many other things as a substitution. Old newspapers, magazines, or even old cloth pieces.
  • Cushion – Blister packs are the best protection for your items. You should place it at the bottom to make a proper foundation and to cover the whole batch before you close the moving box. Use it to fill the gaps between items and avoid collision damage. Also, you can use any kind of old sheets, blankets, shirts, etc. as the substitution for a blister pack.
  • Packing tape – A final touch that will hold everything together. Make sure you buy the higher-quality one and apply at least two layers for better protection. And finally, do not forget to label your boxes to raise awareness of the fragile content inside.

A free moving quote is there for you. You must ask and you’ll get it.

Something you can’t conduct your move without is a free moving quote. This will give insight into the complexity of your relocation and provide the final moving costs Manhattan. Ask your movers to schedule onsite estimates to determine the level of service you need. A moving representative will inspect your cargo and the areas around your house. We need to know if there are sets of stairs and if a moving vehicle can approach the loading dock. Also, the number of boxes you have, and if there are robust and big furniture pieces that require delicate handling and more people to cover it. This is a service you shouldn’t go without when moving to Queens. Ask your movers about it and utilize your free on-site estimates.

You should cover personal documents and legalities on time.

Take care of your legalities on time. Most of the paperwork will take from two weeks, up to two months to get transferred to your new address. Therefore, check everything you have on your hands and do not forget to do the same for the rest of the family members. All your utilities, bank records, medical records, school papers, working documents, and personal papers and IDs, need checking. Moreover, while on the move, gather all those physical copies in a single file holder and transport it yourself. These papers are too valuable to get lost. Take care of this part with care.

Now, you are more aware of the best tips and tricks you can utilize when moving to Queens. As long as you dedicated enough time to find a proper moving company, you are good to go. Be patient, well-organized, and have a proper rest a few days before your move. We are sure that you’ll have a successful and stress-free relocation. Good luck!

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