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Living in NYC truly sounds like a dream. You’ve seen it on TV, in the movies and you’ve heard all the stories about how magical and special it is. On the other hand, many have tried to settle in the Big Apple and failed. That’s because this city simply isn’t for everyone. We agree, it is magnificent, but it is also very peculiar and not suitable for all. That’s why you should do a lot of research before you start moving to Manhattan. Thankfully, the internet is full of resources, and we’ve compiled our own step-by-step tutorial for moving to this part of NYC. With the tips and trick of professional NYC movers, you’ll be ready for your Manhattan relocation in no time!

cars parked on manhattan street
Living in the busy streets of Manhattan can be a very big change in your lifestyle.

Moving to Manhattan – what you need to know

There a few things you should know about living in Manhattan. It’s a cool place, but it’s very different from what you may be used to. In order not to regret moving to Manhattan, get familiar with what lies ahead. If there is anything that might pose a problem, see if there is a way around it. Better safe than sorry!

Life in Manhattan can get pretty expensive

Keeping your budget in mind when you relocate is probably one of your main goals. No one wants to go over their budget! That’s why many moving companies offer free estimates, so you know precisely how much this relocation will cost in the end. However, what you won’t get with this estimate is the price of living in the heart of NYC. Some say that you will need at least $50,000 a year in order to live comfortably in Manhattan! Work with your financial advisor before you decide that moving to Manhattan is a great choice for you. Rent prices are higher each day, and even daily expenses are much more costly than, for instance, in the suburbs of Texas.

Make a plan for moving to Manhattan with your movers of choice

When you decide to hire professional movers to assist you in this process, don’t let them work on their own! Be a team and work alongside them. This means that you will need to tell them where your apartment building is located if it has an elevator or not, which floor are you on, etc. Also, they will need to know in advance if some furniture pieces will need to be lifted through a window. Manhattan has really narrow street sometimes, and unfortunately, not all moving trucks can fit in every single one.

The cost of your relocation will vary depending on all of these factors we just mentioned. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared for your moving day, so your final bill doesn’t shock you!

What are people in NYC like?

We previously mentioned that living in NYC will not suit everyone. It’s simple – it’s a very busy city, and its fast-paced lifestyle is hard to love. While there are plenty of work opportunities in Manhattan, it brings along another issue. Everyone is always rushing somewhere. People are super busy and don’t have that much patience for slow-walking tourists.

If you prefer a much slower day-to-day life, moving to Manhattan is not a good idea for you. Another reason to reconsider this plan is if you are not particularly focused on your career. Of course, everyone’s job is equally as important, but not everyone strives to climb the corporate ladder, and that is okay. In NYC and Manhattan especially, people are very focused on their careers and businesses. 

crossroad on Manhattan during nighttime
Life in NYC never stops – get ready for a lively day-to-day life in the heart of the Big Apple! Even at night, this city is brimming with people and events, so there is no chance you’ll ever be bored living in Manhattan.

The noise is everywhere!

Moving from a quiet suburban town to Manhattan is quite a change to make. There is a reason NYC is a city that never sleeps! Something is always going on in this city, and Manhattan is maybe the worst of it. If you enjoy the constant background noise, cars honking, never-ceasing construction and the hectic life of these streets, then, by all means, start moving to Manhattan today! There are people who find odd peace in knowing the life never stops in NYC. Knowing this before you relocate here will perhaps help you adjust faster and appreciate the chaos.

Moving to Manhattan is easier if you don’t own one thing

Believe it or not – it’s a car. Having a car in NYC, and Manhattan, in particular, is not necessary. On top of that, it can be quite pricey and complicated. Parking spaces are scarce, and frankly, there is no use for a car anyway. Subway lines are the best and most economical ways to commute in NYC. Wherever you need to go, be it in Manhattan or somewhere across the bridge, there is a metro line for you. Many people also opt to bike everywhere, even though the city is not very bike-friendly. In the “worst-case scenario”, you can actually walk! Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes, and make this a daily routine for you, while listening to a great podcast or an audiobook.

man wearing headphones next to a moving train
Commuting in NYC doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. If you choose to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks, it can become quite a productive part of your day!

To conclude – Manhattan is a great place to live in, but only if you’re truly ready for it!

Moving to Manhattan is a bit different than moving locally. It will not only change your street address but it will turn your lifestyle upside-down. So, if you’re ready for a busy environment, big crowds, a large number of nationalities living together in harmony, and plenty of work opportunities, give us a call and we’ll move you to Manhattan in no time!