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Moving Insurance: Why Is That A Big Deal?

Moving insurance is a great thing and the number one factor when you are in search of a reputable moving company. 

We all know that moving can be risky and dangerous at times! During the moving process, some of your items might become lost, damaged, or even completely destroyed. But since accidents can happen to anyone the best way to prevent them is to hire qualified and licensed movers. This way you will feel more at ease and secure, while you can also be sure that you will be fully protected in case something bad happens.

A lot of buildings in NYC are not so relocation-friendly, full of thigh hallways, complex labyrinths, and tiny passageways which complicates the whole process. No matter how well-experienced your movers are, some things can’t be avoided. 

Moving insurance will let you sleep well at night knowing everything is secured and waiting to be placed in your new home. In case you don’t know a lot about moving insurance here’s your chance to learn all the basics. 

Why Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Signing the moving insurance papers
Signing the moving insurance papers

For good cause, you’ve undoubtedly considered this question. It’s normal that you’d be concerned about entrusting all of your personal possessions to someone. What if they misplace, damage, or destroy your valuable possessions? You may not be as concerned if you are moving down the street, but it is certainly worth thinking about a long-distance move.

Moving insurance is recommended in several instances. For example, you may have a lot of valuables, or you may be moving during hurricane season to a state where weather conditions are more likely to damage your goods. For any of these reasons, you should consider purchasing relocation insurance.

Why You Should Hire A Licensed Movers?

A certified mover is a transferring firm that has been licensed by the USDOT and a variety of other agencies. A professional mover has been accredited in some form, is monitored for safety, and has met several criteria.

When hiring movers, you should ask if they have a DOT license. Obtaining this information verifies the legitimacy of your moving company. Movers often get a permit from the Department of Transportation and have their own USDOT federal identification number.

A reputable moving company must have insurance in order to get a DOT license. You can obtain a moving company’s USDOT number and conduct research on them through FMCSA to learn about their fleet size, safety history, and other information.

When these organizations recognize the company, it indicates that it must conform to particular criteria and, as a result, it is more secure, honest, and dependable.

What is insurance responsibility in NYC?

An insurance moving company is a moving business that includes moving coverage at the expense of the move. In other words, when you engage them, your stuff (furniture, jewels) is partially covered.

Long-distance insurance is often a set charge of $.60 per pound, for every object. The insurance policy only covers half of that for local movers. Insurance responsibility in New York is a minimum of $.30 per pound, per piece. Because insurance is assessed by weight rather than value, inquire about other insurance options to obtain additional coverage.

Insurance will cost you about 1-2 percent of the total worth of your goods to acquire full value protection.

What Is Valuation Coverage?

Moving companies will provide numerous degrees of responsibility as part of their “valuation coverage.” The amount of responsibility that your transport company is willing to take in the instance that your possessions are ruined or misplaced during the relocation is referred to as valuation coverage.  

Every one of these insurance solutions offers just minimal coverage. Most individuals consider moving insurance to be valuation insurance. Your goods need to be covered by your insurance when being transferred from one property to the other. You should also consult with your agent to see what coverage you currently have in place.  

Keep in mind that you must buy the insurance before the actual moving day!

Don’t Risk – Hire A Licensed Moving Company

Licensed moving company
Licensed moving company

Do you need assistance in locating the best reputable moving company in NYC? You are at the right place. A team of experts from Zenith Moving Company will guide you every step of the way and make sure that all your belongings are safe and sound during the whole relocation process. 

We assure you that we only have licensed and insured professionals, so you can be confident that your cargo and your real estate are in trusted hands. Relocation doesn’t need to be a stressful experience if you have insurance. 

What you need to do is let us do our work for you and you just sit back and relax. If this kind of arrangement sounds like something you want, you are just one click away from it. Call us today, and schedule a meeting with some of our agents.