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Moving to Chelsea - the Zenith guide

Are you moving to Chelsea, NYC? Great! This beautiful neighborhood is a center for many cultural, residential, and commercial locations. However, moving is not an easy process. This is especially the case when relocating to a big place such as New York City. You can try and complete the process on your own but this can take time, effort, and a lot of trips back and forth while transporting your items. That is why hiring a professional moving company located in this area such as Zenith Moving NYC can help you through this physically and emotionally challenging period of relocation. Let us go through some of the basic guidelines you need to follow to have a successful move to NYC.


Manhattan neighborhood.

Hiring a professional moving company

When comparing the process of doing the move on your own or hiring a professional you will soon find that the benefits of hiring local Chelsea movers far outnumber the benefits of doing it on your own. First of all, you have the added security of hiring professionals who know what they are doing. Packing and transporting is the most important aspect of moving so you will want to have professionals doing it. This can also save you a lot of time and energy. Otherwise, you will need to spend a great deal of time preparing and organizing yourself, your family, and your friends for the move. For this reason, you should always consider hiring professionals to help you pack and move your inventory. On the other hand, doing it on your own will allow you to have more time and freedom for choosing the methods of transportation and packing. However, this can end up costing you a lot more than hiring movers to help you out. Furthermore, the items you need to relocate will not always fit in the back of your friend’s car and thus will require multiple trips back and forth.


To ensure a smooth and successful relocation of your items you will need to first have them properly packed. This process can be difficult. It requires preparing boxes, bubble wrap, tapes, and a lot of other tools that you need for proper packing. All of this can be provided and secured by hiring a trusted moving company. However, with so many choices, especially in a large area such as Manhattan, you need to choose carefully. You should look for the following things when choosing professional white glove movers to help you pack and unpack:

  • Cost. The budget you have can largely determine the way you plan and organize your move. That is why it is important to find professional and affordable movers.
  • Trust. To truly feel relaxed while your items are being packed and transported to your new house, you need to hire a moving company that can be trusted. This also means that they provide full insurance in case any of the items get damaged during transport.
  • Professionalism. You are counting on movers to work with your items with great care. This goes for both packing or unpacking and transportation. That is why to avoid any potential losses on your end, you should look for professional white glove movers NYC.

Taking into consideration all of the things mentioned above, you will be able to choose not only an affordable but also trusting and professional moving company to help you relocate with ease.

Renting a storage unit

Being overburdened with items from your inventory such as large furniture which requires a lot of work to be properly packed and transported is a big part of moving. To avoid having these items halt your process of relocating, you should consider renting a short-term storage unit. Things you need to consider before renting a storage unit can vary from your needs and size of your inventory. The duration of your move will also determine whether or not you need a storage unit. You can usually find an affordable storage unit but the size is also very important. There are many pros and cons of renting a storage unit but at the end of the day, it will largely depend on your inventory and the time it will take to relocate.

Storage units.
Renting a short-term storage unit can significantly ease your process of relocating large items in your inventory.

Organize a yard sale

Before you finalize your packing and start the process of transportation, you should always consider organizing a yard sale. By doing this, you are getting rid of all of the items and old furniture you no longer need. These items would otherwise make the move more difficult. It is also a great way of earning some extra money. On top of that, you get to spend a bit more time with your old neighbors. The yard sale will make things more fun and interesting during the potentially exhausting period of relocating.

A yard sale.
Organizing a yard sale can help you sell the items you no longer need before the relocation.


Another great way of removing the items from your inventory that you no longer need is to give them to charity. Many of the things we get thrown away during the packing. To avoid this, you can contact your local charity organization. By doing this you are also helping other people who may need these items more than you do.


To sum up, the process of moving is extremely complicated and demanding. It is both time-consuming, and a stressful period for you and your family members. In order to complete it properly, you need to follow a set of basic rules or guidelines. These include hiring professionals to help you pack and transport items, renting a storage unit, giving away the things you no longer need to a local charity, and organizing a yard sale.