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Moving To Greenwich Village

Moving to Greenwich Village, or as many people call it The Village, can be your New Year’s resolution. If you ask us, there is no mistake in choosing this cozy, energetic community to call home. Here you will find a lot of college students, young professionals, as well as young families. The residents of this community are the main thing that shapes the vibe of this neighborhood.

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village
Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village

There are a lot of fun things you can do in Greenwich Village. You can enjoy the sun at Washington Square Park, or have a relaxing night out in one of Bleeker’s Streets’ many comedy clubs or music venues. Checking out an art gallery is a must-do as well. If you are a foodie then dining in some of the best Italian restaurants in NYC will for sure be on your menu.

Moving To Greenwich Village – Where To Start?

If you are an avid architectural fan you will love it in Greenwich Village. This neighborhood is full of walkups and brick townhouses on a long tree-lined street. The whole vibe and scenery in this part of the city are romantic and movie-like thanks to the old city charm, especially during autumn and winter. However, by now you all for sure know that rents in neighborhoods with brick townhouses are always high.

Unfortunately, Greenwich Village is not a neighborhood that we can call affordable. For instance, the median rent for two -a bedroom apartment in this area will cost you at least $6,000. This is out of the price range for many people. But if you are so eager to live in this neighborhood there are always some cheaper options. You can find a roommate, or move to a studio apartment which costs $3,000 per month.

If you are thinking about buying real estate in this neighborhood, you should think twice. The median two-bedroom home price in this part of the city is around $2.5 million, which you must admit is a lot of money.

Public transportation

Greenwich Village sits in a great location that allows for easy access to Union Square and Midtown. Also, all other Manhattan neighborhoods such as West Village and Soho are nearby. Even though The Village will keep you busy and active, you’ll want to venture to nearby neighborhoods and see what’s happening there. Luckily, public transportation is easily accessible.

Public transportation in Greenwich Village is provided by Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation for rail and MTA New York City Transit Brooklyn for the buses. There are 2  rail stops and 2 MTA  bus stops in Greenwich Village. The freeway nearest to Greenwich Village is NY-495. For those who have an electric vehicle, this neighborhood might be a good fit. There is 17 electric vehicle charging locations in Greenwich Village.

Things You Need To Visit After Moving To Greenwich Village

As already mentioned, this neighborhood is pretty fun and it seems like entertainment never ends in The Village. This neighborhood is a perfect get-together spot amongst friends. The best season is summer with a surplus of outdoor seating perfect for a great meal and quality time. Right below Washington Square is the beating heart of Village nightlife. Bars in this area are open late and full of locals and tourists.

On the other hand, there are a lot of famous amenities you should visit after moving to Greenwich Village. Those are the following:

  • Washington Square Park –  This is one of the liveliest and most distinct parks in all of New York City. The vibe is very bohemian and youthful. It has a unique, laid-back collegiate atmosphere with many students from NYU frequenting the park between classes. It’s also known as a hotspot for activism, social justice, and self-expression. Needless to say, it’s got a progressive, forward-thinking vibe.
  • New York University – Founded in 1831, this private research university is a staple of the neighborhood and contributes to the youthful, progressive vibe in so many ways. Over the years, the university has hosted a plethora of famous and significant celebrities, lawyers, and businesspeople. NYU is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world.
  • Fifth Avenue – Fifth Avenue is known around the world as a luxury shopping destination. This is the epicenter of the highest-end retail in Manhattan. It stretches up to the Upper East Side and eventually becomes Museum Row!
  • Blue Note Jazz Club – This iconic jazz club has hosted legends of the past and present. Be sure to check out their virtual concerts.
  • Comedy Cellar – One of the best comedy clubs in the country, the Comedy Cellar has hosted legendary comedians from around the world.

Become A Greenwich Villager With Zenith Moving Company

We can say one thing for sure, Greenwich Village is one of the most livable and vibrant Manhattan neighborhoods. Now after you found out what this neighborhood has to offer, you can make your final decision.

Choosing where to move next is a tiresome decision, and when you finally make it the last thing you want is to brainstorm the whole relocation process. This is where we can lend you a helping hand. Zenith Moving Company is a team of professional, reliable movers that provides a wide variety of moving services to suit every client.

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