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Moving to Jacksonville, Florida

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida? You must be either an art or a food lover. Sure, Jacksonville, the city on the banks of the St. Johns River in northeastern Florida, is the right choice. Alternatively, you must be hungry for being continually exposed to pleasant weather. While many find summers to be difficult to manage because of high temperatures and humidity, everybody agrees that winters are marvelous. It’s warm and it rarely snows. You might be pursuing higher education opportunities. You might be a parent who is concerned about their children’s education. No reason to worry. Jacksonville offers good public and private schools. It has higher education institutions, such as Jacksonville University, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and the University of North Florida.

So? None of the above? Then, the reason could be business, family matters, or romantic relationships. Or, is it simply an urge to explore? If your adventurous nature guides you, Jax — as Jacksonville is called — is waiting to be discovered. You cannot go wrong if you are looking to experience nature, its gems, and outdoor activities it enables. There are waterways, parks, and ecological preserves, including Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Should you look for an authentic natural context, woodlands, marshes, and beaches await. Some of the beaches include Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach. Some beaches offer horseback riding or yoga practice. The abundance of birds, plants, and animals can enrich everyone, just as anyone can benefit from jogging, hiking, and biking. Other forms of recreation — such as surfing, swimming, boating, sunbathing, and fishing — are also available.

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida
Moving to Jacksonville, Florida


Accordingly, there are opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industries. The related high-ranking food scene is also an attraction. It incorporates traditional and modern flavors. Central venues on the scene include:

  1. Moxie Kitchen,
  2. The Bread & Board,
  3. Orsay,
  4. the Dreamette.

Among the highlights are also:

  1. Black Sheep Restaurant,
  2. Kitchen,
  3. The Peruvian Sub,
  4. Beach Road Chicken Dinners.

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida can bring one to some of the fines art shrines. There are exquisite museums. They are the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Museum of Science & History. There are charming galleries where one can quench the thirst for art. There are a lot of performing arts events. One can enjoy festivals and live music in addition to art events and exhibitions. Jacksonville Symphony concerts and Jacksonville Jazz Festival are constitutive of that kind of entertainment experience. Needless to say, numerous street fairs and craft markets are major contributions to the art scene.

Living in Jacksonville, Florida

A matter of fact is that Jacksonville, Florida has been ranked among the most livable cities in the US.  The cost of living is lower than in many other places. Not only are property prices reasonable, but groceries and expenses are affordable. And yet, one should bear in mind that the choice of the neighborhood plays an important role. Northside and Southside would be an option for those who pursue soothing, low crime rate areas. While they are being gentrified, they are, nevertheless, popular with families and retirees. Orange Park brings an even more peaceful feel with a rustic touch to it. Those who gravitate toward more heavily gentrified neighborhoods will love Riverside. Even a more vivid slice of urban living can be found in San Marco. Feel free to choose. There is an option that meets your requirements.

Working in Jacksonville, Florida

There are many industries in the city that may solve the question of employment. They include food and hospitality, education, transport, and trade. Media and technology also figure prominently in this city. There are many newspapers, such as The Florida Times-Union and The Financial News & Daily Record. Weekly publications include Jacksonville Business Journal, American City Business Journals, Folio Weekly, The Florida Star, and the Jacksonville Free Press. Its television stations are affiliated with NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. Its radio stations cover multiple music genres including contemporary hits; hip hop/R&B; mainstream rock; and alternative. Some of them are:

  1. WOKV 690AM,
  2. WAPE 95.1,
  3. WJBT 93.3,
  4. WJGL-HD2,
  5. WWJK 107.3.

Other prominent radio stations include:

  1. WEZI 102.9,
  2. WXXJ X106.5,
  3. WQIK 99.1,
  4. WGNE-FM 99.9.

WJKV 90.9 FM features education-related content.

The growing banking and finance sector is among the industries of significance. Jacksonville is home to some of the banking and finance firms’ headquarters. They include:

  1. TIAA Bank,
  2. US Assure,
  3. Ameris Bancorp,
  4. Vystar Credit Union,
  5. Black Knight Financial Services.

Further, Jacksonville boasts Cecil Commerce Center, a major logistics hub. One shouldn’t be surprised, since Jacksonville is dubbed America’s Logistics Center. That’s where numberless products travel through either by road, rail, air, or sea. In that context, Jaxport is a very dynamic place. So are the distribution centers of Southeastern Grocers, UPS, and Walmart.

Being a US military center, Jacksonville features:

  1. Naval Air Station Jacksonville;
  2. Naval Station Mayport;
  3. Blount Island Command.

Moving to Jacksonville, Fl and Meeting People: Demographics

Jacksonville is famous for its large Arab population, but there is also a considerable Filipino American community. There are whites, African Americans, and Asian Hispanic citizens. Hispanic or Latino communities are significant, but there are also people of (non-Hispanic white) European ancestry.

Transportation in / to Jacksonville, Florida

Predictably, a prime means of transport here is a car. However, there are alternatives. They include JTA buses, cabs, and skyway. One can also walk or cycle, yet that’s not the easiest option for some destinations.

Lo and behold! Before one finds oneself in the situation to choose the form of transportation, one needs to get to Jacksonville. First things first: the budget. There is a possibility to rent a truck or use a moving container. It sure is a more affordable version of moving. Yet, it is also a more difficult one. It’s a lot of work. The optimal solution is hiring a professional team of movers. A moving company providing a professional, efficient, reliable, respectful, and friendly service is your choice.

Since most of the people moving to Florida are from New York, let us consider the costs. The average cost of moving from New York to Florida will range from $1,700 to $5,000. The prices range widely. The reasons are diverse. They include the size of the household. The type of the move impacts the costs. Specifically, the price will be reliant on whether commercial or residential relocation is in question. This categorization requires subdivisions. Particularly, not all the commercial moves cost the same. There is a difference between moving an office and moving a company. Similarly, there is a difference between moving a room, a studio, two-bedroom apartment, a luxury loft, or a fancy mansion. Also, different moving companies have different rates. Prices also differ depending on the time of the year. Offseason moves are more affordable than the peak moving season ones.

The distance between New York to Jacksonville is generally drivable. However, one should consider the disadvantages of that enterprise. There might be snow and ice on the road. Depending on the experience and physical condition of the driver, the journey may take anywhere from a couple to four days. Accommodation, food, and gas one needs during the trip aren’t inexpensive. No reason to lose your sleep over it. There are car shipping companies that can do the job. It is typically safer. It certainly gives you peace of mind.

Don’t forget that fall and winter may be a cheaper solution than moving in the summer. One should be aware that there are open and enclosed auto transport carriers. The choice should be made so it satisfies one’s needs. The size and weight of the vehicle, as well as the load, shape the price. Should you allow for flexible delivery dates, the fee can be lower. Although door-to-door service is more preferred, pick-up and drop-off options are more budget-friendly.

Moving to Jacksonville Soon?

Whatever scenario turns out to be your optimal choice, one thing is quite certain. You need experienced, renowned, and responsible movers. Long-distance, inter-state movers ensuring boxes, wrapping, packing, disassembling, unpacking, reassembling, and heavy lifting is what you need. Moving to Jacksonville, Florida is exciting and enjoyable. One often does not realize it because of all the stressful and troublesome aspects typical of the moving process. Make no mistake. Once you opt for a professional moving company, you are relieved of a part of the burden. Carefully making a choice, one will likely choose us. Once the customer makes such a decision, the rest of the burden is gone. The move is a stress-free, blissful, and pleasurable experience.

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