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Orlando Calling – Moving to Orlando, Florida: Yes and No – Why One Should Be Moving to Orlando, Florida

Moving to Orlando, Florida can result from considering different aspects of everyday life. A person may realize that they are not satisfied with their life. There are different aspects of this seemingly simple statement. They can include personal matters such as family dynamics, love relationships, struggling with inner turbulences, etc. There are ways to manage these issues. Sometimes, they require seeking professional help. In some cases, situations manage themselves, and solutions emerge out of nowhere. At times, relocating can do the job. This applies to other, perhaps less perplexing aspects of the everyday. They mainly pertain to the practical, palpable, and material sides of organizing one’s life. In that kind of scenario, relocating is still an option that can bring major benefits. In addition, a new position may determine the choice. Instead of losing sleep over the plethora of possibilities, one can be relieved. In any case, one should consider some of the questions that follow.

  • Are you tired of cold weather?
  • Has the lockdown confinement within the boundaries of your apartment taken its toll?
  • Do you want to have fun?
  • Are you an explorer?
  • Have you had enough of high taxes, merciless housing expenses, utility prices, and public transportation fares?
  • Do you appreciate diversity?
  • Are you an admirer of good food?
  • Do you nourish the spirit of adventure?

Places and/of Action at Orlando

If the answers to these questions is “Yes,” you should start packing your belongings and head for Orlando, Florida. This attractive city in the Sunshine State can confirm your answer by simply offering humane, budget-friendly, and entertaining living conditions. Moving to Orlando, Florida, one will find themself in an area with pleasing weather conditions. One should take this with a grain of salt, however. The inclination toward warmer temperatures, in the summer acquires a dramatic shift. Particularly, it becomes extremely hot and overwhelmingly humid. Orlando has had a long history of coping with this fact. Hence, the city has found ways to protect its residents and visitors as much as it is possible by providing air-conditioned spaces, indoor activities, outdoor activities appropriately adjusted, and water supplies to help the traumatized bodies recuperate.

Orlando is not a Miami, but it offers fun on a par with Florida’s entertainment industry mecca. For one, Orlando has Disney World. If you have your own children, your friends’ or relatives’ children that you would like to treat to a unique experience, Disney World is your choice. Let’s not fool ourselves, though. Disney World can appeal to adults as much as children find it mesmerizing. If you prefer a different kind of adventure – or would like a composite entertainment formula — consider Sea World. It is the epicenter of water adventure lovers. It satiates the thirst for a mysterious exploration of the unknown depths and heights. It is an adrenaline-driven endeavor and it brings gratifications of one’s needs as intensely as one would expect it. Sometimes, its rewarding potential exceeds anyone’s expectations. Universal Studios opens their treasure chest to the admirers of the fictitious, fantastical, and imaginary realms. Do you still doubt the possibility to satisfy your hunger? Rest assured Orlando hosts many more theme parks and myriad playgrounds. Mainly, attractions can be found in the International Drive area. For example, the Wheel is located at ICON Park Orlando. And, that’s not all.  There is the Orlando Museum of Art and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. One shouldn’t forget Orlando’s famed nightlife with its bars and clubs mainly located in Downtown Orlando.

If these entertainment industry products seem to transcend your threshold of dealing with intensity and crowds, perhaps some other choices will be your cup of tea. Orlando was not always the city of Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Before these comets hit the orbit of the city, it had a different vibe. Its appeal lied in the charming environment featuring gentle landscapes, pristine swamplands, and enchanting orange groves. You should be a time traveler and find those gems from the time bygone in your current surrounding. Subsequently – as well as consequently – you will find that what soothes the tourism-driven frenzy. You will find the justification of Orlando’s nickname — “the City Beautiful.”

Pragmatic Matters and Logistics in Orlando

On a more pragmatic account, Orlando has a lot to offer, as well. One of the advantages is a much lower cost of living than many cities in the US. This concerns rent, housing, and property prices. Comparing different sources, one derives a conclusion that there isn’t an absolute agreement regarding this issue. There are opinions that a cost of living is not as low as some claim. Such statistical divergences typically indicate unevenly managed prices. Therefore, it means that doing research matters. Forums, reviews, FAQs, and word of the mouth can relieve one of the troublesome dilemmas. Oftentimes, logic and common sense do the job. Unless you can afford a fortune, don’t fantasize about either renting or buying property in certain neighborhoods. They include:

  • Celebration
  • Storey Lake
  • Crystal Cove.
  • Indian Point
  • Terra Verde.

Those are the areas in the vicinity of Disney World. Generally, one may argue that utility expenses are also lower. So are the public transportation rates. In addition, Orlando is considered to be a perfect destination to retire. It also boasts world class healthcare facilities and hospitals. Orlando prides itself on one of the largest university campuses in the United States —  the University of Central Florida. There is also Florida A&M University College of Law and Florida State University College of Medicine. There are state colleges such as Valencia College and Seminole State College of Florida. Additionally, there are many private universities and colleges. Orlando’s job and employment market is strong. This means that prospects for getting hired are hopeful. Those who are not risk-averse, even opt for relocating without previously ensuring a position. However, this, as a rule, implies having to opt for less desirable jobs, as least as a temporary solution.

Yes, we know that shopping for food is part of the everyday. That might be somewhat of a downside. Grocery prices are slightly higher than in other cities in the US. Should you opt for dining out, make no mistake — the food here is exquisite. It is part of the adventure, too. Get on board!

Moving to Orlando, Florida: No and Yes

There are precautions to take, however. One should critically examine some choices, facts, and nuances before making a decision to move. This regards particularly the questions to which one can hardly find clear-cut answers. It means that there are issues that involve uncertainty, fluctuations, non-uniform, diversified manifestations of the phenomenon, and varieties. These, combined with a hesitant chooser mentality may result in a lot of conundrums. For example, many of the jobs offered in Orlando are low-paying positions. Some property prices might look frightening. They surely are for those who are struggling to make ends meet. So are they simply for those who cannot afford the mind-boggling prices in the most popular areas. Complaints about the demographics concern the majority of the population being white, including Hispanic, and non-Hispanic whites. However, there are a lot of other races, ethnicities, and cultures. There are populations such as:

  1. Brazilian,
  2. Caribbean,
  3. West Indian (Dominicans, Guyanese, Jamaicans, Trinidadian and Tobagonian, Cubans, Bahamians).

There is also a Haitian and a Jewish community. Considering safety, opinions are contradicting. Some claim that it is one of the safest cities in the country. Others argue that the crime rate is high. Both are correct. It depends on the area of the city. For that reason, one should be aware of the significance of research and a critical selection of choices. Frequent are complaints about traffic jams, gridlocks, crowded roads and streets due to a high volume of tourists and the intensity of living here. However, one should take into consideration public transit. It includes the conveniently located Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport. LYNX Bus Service providing transportation throughout the City of Orlando is worthy of noting. LYMMO Downtown Circulator, the free bus rapid transit (BRT) circulator is everybody’s fave. SunRail providing Central Florida with commuter rail service is invaluable. Amtrak is self-explanatory. Brightline, Florida’s intercity express and Bike Share / Scooter Share Pilot Program speak volumes. And yet, we live in the time of climate crises. The sea level is rising. The areas in some parts might be under a threat. Many parts of Florida are endangered. However, Orlando, the county seat of Orange County is situated in Central Florida. It might not be under the threat of sinking, but it should remain environment-friendly.

Mover Calling Zenith Moving to move to Orlando

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