Los Angeles at night
Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles also known as the “city of angels” is the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the US. The most valuable reason for moving to Los Angeles from New York is because of the space. We all know that residents of NYC live on top of each other into skyscrapers which really can be stressful sometimes.

Luckily the situation in LA is way better, this city has open spaces in abundance, wide streets, and boulevards, and you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling here. This city is a great mix of beautiful neighborhoods, different cultures, and natural beauty.

No matter if you are moving because of a job or becoming an actor, or you just like the sunny weather that is in abundance in Southern California, the process can be overwhelming. The logistics of packing and loading are a burden that many people can’t handle on their own. Fortunately, this is just the right kind of job for our team of movers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Is Los Angeles Like?

The diversity of people, cultures, lifestyles and economic opportunities is what makes this city special. Los Angeles ranks in the top ten most diverse cities in the U.S. Here you will find people from all over the world, including Mexico, Korea, Iran, Cuba, El Salvador, China, etc.

Naturally, certain neighborhoods boast a myriad of restaurants, bars, and shops that celebrate the cuisine, culture, and tradition of other countries. Ethnically almost half of the population identifies as White. An amazing 30% identify as Hispanic! Both Asians and African-Americans make up around 20% of the population.

Economically, however, income diversity is lacking. The gulf between rich and poor in Los Angeles is wide, and high real estate prices are a significant factor that drives where people can afford to live vs. where they might choose otherwise.


Since a lot of different nations live here, it is quite logical to talk about religion for a bit. The predominant religion in LA County is Roman Catholic, almost 36% of the population identifies with this. Protestants are present as well in some small percentage, as well as non-Christian religions like Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.

You will find a great spectrum of churches in LA where you can seek religion. The great thing about California is how tolerant and flexible people here are. They are widely accepting of all kinds of beliefs and practices, from the atheist to the firm believers, and make no difference between them.

With such diversity, LA became a haven for people who are different, no matter what your religion is, no matter what your beliefs are, you can be sure you’ll find your spot here.

Moving to Los Angeles because of education?

Los Angeles has a great schooling system. Here you will find some of the extremely well-rated school districts. However, if you want to purchase a home in these districts you’ll need to break the bank since real estate prices are far outside some housing budgets. Those are districts like La Canada, Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Marino, Oak Park, and many more.

La Cañada school district has particularly high marks for student-to-teacher ratio, test scores, and college prep. For families that are moving to LA because of an educational system, I recommend doing thorough research before choosing the district.

The LA metropolitan area has many great public schools as well. For example, Granada Hills Charter High School and High Tech Los Angeles are ranked highest in diversity, test scores, student-teacher ratio, and college prep.

Public transportation

LA is large, so most people travel by car, however, certain areas of the city offer some great public transportation options. Because the city is so huge, the public transportation isn’t in the best function, since it is a hard task to connect all the hoods. Nonetheless, you can always take the Los Angeles Metro Rail which consists of six total lines,  from downtown LA in six different directions.

Public transportation is a downside of this city and one of the reasons why a lot of people give up on moving to Los Angeles. Keep in mind that the LA Metro will take you to Santa Monica, but from there you will likely need to arrange another mode of transportation for the rest of your journey.

Great Climate

Venice beach in Los Angeles
Venice beach in Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles because of its wonderful weather is a good reason for me. Seriously, the city has 284 sunny days per year, meaning that for 78% of the year you need to wear sunscreen and shades! On the other hand, the Mediterranean climate (minimal amount of rain during the summer) is why the risk of the brush fire is so high during the season.

LA has approximately 16 inches of rain per year, and snow in higher elevations in the mountains that surround the city. From November till February, while most of the States are experiencing blizzards and storms, residents of LA enjoy an average temperature of 50 degrees.

If you are a fan of four seasons then LA won’t meet your criteriums, here you’ll get all year-round mild temperatures with almost no rain. People who live in coastal communities and at higher elevations will experience some chillier temperatures than those from the valley.

The good side of this climate is that you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities year-round. Most homes here are designed to have large patios,  pools, and outdoor kitchens, to allow people to spend more of their time outdoors.

However, there is one bad side of the warm climate, it traps the particles of smog and air pollutants contributing to the poor air quality. If you are suffering from lung diseases you should choose neighborhoods that are located on the west side of LA. In this area, the winds blow constantly and reduce the amount of smog in the air.

Things You Can Do After Moving To Los Angeles

Visit museums

The first on the list is of course Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which has a world-class permanent collection of antiquities and modern art. There are always some revolving exhibitions that you can catch here so make sure you check their schedule regularly.

Nearby LACMA you will find La Brea Tar Pits that will take you back to the Ice Age. Also, the George C. Page Museum preserves a large collection of the animal bones that were found in the tar and serve as a remarkable guide to the history of this place.

If you are a car enthusiast, then visiting the Petersen Automotive Museum, with its 100,000 square feet of exhibits about cars is a must. You can pay to treat yourself and pay an additional fee that gives you access to a vault with over 250 rare and unique cars.

You can’t live in LA and not visit The Getty, a museum that is devoted to the visual arts. This museum provides free public events, even the museum’s extensive art collection is for free, you only pay the parking fee.

Restaurants and rooftop bars

The food scene in LA is magnificent. Since a lot of different cultures revolve around here, you can find many different cuisines from all around the world. It is no secret that Los Angeles has one of the most exciting and influential culinary scenes in the U.S. If you are a big foodie, then L.A. with its ever-evolving and diverse selection of eateries will be perfect for you.

As Los Angeles continues to upgrade the downtown area you’ll find plenty of rooftop bars. Don’t fail to experience the spectacular city light views from above while enjoying a drink with friends.

Enjoy LA And The Outdoor Activities

After moving to Los Angeles make sure you learn to take advantage of the great weather and spend most of your free time outdoor. You have a lot of hills and mountains at your disposal to enjoy fresh air and exercise. Hiking is a big deal in LA, and many trails boast spectacular views of the city. Los Angeles provides great opportunities for outdoor exercises all year round. If you are driven by adrenalin you will appreciate this a lot.

If the city of angels seems like everything you ever wanted why not give it a shot? Take some time and think about this and then give us a call, we will do everything we can to make your relocation stress-free and quick!