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cardboard boxes
cardboard boxes

You packed up all your belongings, arranged your utilities and paperwork, and arrived at your new address. Now that the hardest part of relocation is behind you, the fun can start. However, a lot of people experience unpacking stress and it affects them a lot.

But we can all agree that these hardest steps are the most enjoyable ones. Nothing can compare to the feeling of transforming a space into a home you always dreamed of. I get that your enthusiasm is low by now and that you probably don’t know where to start first, but I got your back.

If you are stressed out, take a break and read this post, here you’ll find a lot of useful tips and tricks that will help you handle this situation like a professional.

Annulate Unpacking Stress With These Simple Tricks

Your things have just arrived, and I bet your new home looks like a mess. There are boxers and clutter everywhere, but hey at least now your things are safe and sound at your new address. Let’s see how you can effectively approach this problem and sort out your new space.

A million question is in your head now. Where do I begin? Should I place all the books on that shelf in the living room or it will be too much? If I put my plant there will it have enough space and sun? How can I place all of these plates and bowls in that cupboard?

I get why you are so close to giving up and living in the mess for a few more days. Before you start losing your mind make a list with only two things – the urgent ones and those that can wait. 

Go room by room and sort the boxes accordingly

Make unpacking as easier as it can be by sorting out the bags and boxes into the rooms where they will belong. Never keep all your packed belongings in a spare room you don’t use so often, since this way you’ll simply forget about them and prolog the settling process. 

Carry the boxes with kitchenware, pots, and dishes to the kitchen, kids’ toys, and book to the kids’ room, you get the point.  Also, never open them if you don’t have enough time to finish that room in a single go.

Nothing beats unpacking stress like a to-do list

Please make a to-do list and focus on priorities before you make a big mess and unpack all your things at once. Remember when you were packing, you followed the inventory list that you made according to how vital they are in your everyday life?  Some things were left unpacked until the last minute. Well. logically those things are the ones you should unpack first (kitchen and bathroom essentials).

Those things tells you where you should start first, so follow the signs and tackle them first. Before you get going you’ll need to fix your morning coffee and breakfast to keep yourself energized, right? You’ll also need a shower to wake you up. 

Arrange larger pieces first

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Moving furniture

This is the most logical step you’ll make. Even if you are unexperienced it is only reasonable to start with unpacking and arranging all the large items like TV, bookshelves, closets, table and chairs. All those things you’ll need to place before to be able to store the smaller items. There is no point of unpacking the boxes full of books when you don’t have where to place them. 

Also, use the time while your walls are still bare and not covered with furniture. This is the best time to unpack and arrange all your mirrors and pictures, and paintings. But why would you do that while you still didn’t put up your bed mattress , for example?

Well, hanging wall decorations and curtains will allow you to see a familiar things hanging on your walls and windows and remind you of home. But also, this is tactical move as well, since this is how you’ll find the perfect place for them when the room is still clear.

Prepare your bed room to start feeling at home

The most important part of every home is a clean, cozy, and soft bed. When you are tired you don’t need a tidy up living room, or neat kitchen, you only need bed. So, the moment you feel like you can’t go on anymore take a small break  and chill out on the bed, take a shower, make a cup of coffee or tea, and just brainstorm your next moves and maybe you’ll get even a better idea where you can put that bookshelf that troubles you.

Don’t forget clean and fresh linen always smell like home, and nothing will make you feel more safe and happy as  ending a long day in your own bed. 

Pace is crucial

The biggest mistake people make is trying to do all the things at the same day! This is simply not possible and it is also not a smart idea as well. Okay, it is possible if you are moving to a very small studio apartment and you already don’t have a lot of personal belongings, but these cases are rare.

When you rush to do everything at once, you’ll only make a bigger mess. The next thing you’ll see is a house that looks like a bomb has dropped in, and you will have even more work to do.

The pace is crucial when unpacking. The best schedule is kitchen, bathroom, bedroom then everything else. For those who have kids and newborns, the schedule is a bit different, since kids room is the first thing you will set up.

This is more than enough work for the first day, and you will unpack the most significant things. Leave a living room and the rest for the next few days, and do it gradually. Remember, moving takes a toll on you so be realistic, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Unpacking Stress Is Overwhelming

If you know you are bad at handling stress no matter how many tips and tricks you read and tried to embrace than help yourself out and hire a reliable moving company.  Our team at Zenith Moving will handle all these tasks for you quickly, and with ease. All you have to do is contact us and give us some specific details, after that all logistics and labor is our worry.