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Organizing Your Storage Unit: Handy Tips And Tricks

You are in the middle of preparing your relocation and you just rented your first storage unit ever, and what now? All your things are packed up and good to go, but you can’t just place all those boxes in the storage unit without the order.  You need to work on organizing your storage unit the best you can.

This might seem like dreadful task, and it really is, but that is something you need to do in order to have your relocation run smooth. So let’s see how you can do it.

Organizing Your Storage Unit 101

Label the boxes

First things first. One of the most important aspects of how to organize your storage unit is labeling your boxes. When you’re trying to find that one novel for book club, but don’t remember which boxes are “books” and which ones are “kitchen” it can cause undue stress! Avoid this rookie mistake by labeling every box. Make sure you label the top and at least one side of each box, including a box number, the room it came from, and everything that is inside. The more specific you can be, the better.

If you’ve already packed everything up, it can seem like a waste of time to unpack and repack boxes just to label them. But you’ll be grateful you took the time now, so you don’t have to ransack your unit to find an item later.

Create a comprehensive list and map the things

After you’ve labeled all of your boxes, create a master list. Although it may sound ominous, it will help in the long run. Write down the box number and all the contents of the box, and do it for each one in your storage unit. This way you’ll have a reference sheet for what items are where. If you’re tech-savvy, you can also create or copy this list in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

A great tip to keep your storage unit organized is to map it out. Now, you don’t need an architecturally accurate map with exact dimensions (although you can if you want), but it’s best to have a general idea of where everything is in your storage unit. It can be a simple sketch dividing your unit into sections for each room. Pack all the kitchen boxes together, bedroom boxes, office boxes and so on. Even dedicating a corner of your unit to one room of belongings can help you later when you’re looking for a certain item or box.

Keep some stacking order

It may be obvious, but if you want to utilize your storage space to its fullest capacity, you need to use height. Did you know most storage units are 10 ft. high or taller? Now when you’re stacking items, be sure to put heavy, sturdy boxes or items on the bottom, and lighter or smaller boxes on top to prevent from unwanted toppling. You can also stack furniture, such as tables, top to top, to conserve space.

Place most important items in the first rows

Anything you’ll need to get to often should be placed toward the front of your storage unit. That way, whenever you need those items, they’re easily accessible and you don’t have to rummage to the back of your unit to find them. These might include winter clothing, school or office documents or holiday decorations.

Before you start loading everything in your unit, you can even put a special note or use a different color to call attention to these boxes, so you remember to put them toward the front.

Make some free room in the middle

Your storage unit can easily become an un-navigable maze. Save yourself the pain and embarrassment of struggling to get to the back of your storage unit and make a center aisle. There will still be plenty of room for your items, and you can easily reach any boxes at the back of your storage rental.

Make some space between the boxes when shelving

Now even if you have a climate-controlled storage unit, it’s still important to allow for air circulation. If possible, pack boxes on top of pallets so air can flow underneath those items. Also, consider leaving a small space between the walls of your unit and your items, to allow for ventilation.

You may not think it necessary to put shelving in your storage unit, but it can be helpful. Strategically stacking your items does utilize the height of your unit, but you may not want to stack items atop those extra fragile items like glassware or wedding china. Shelving helps make the most of your space and also gives you the peace of mind that your items won’t accidently fall and break.

Why Keeping Your Storage Neat Is Important?

Well it is simple. Imagine how hard it can be to load moving truck properly if you don’t know what kind of items you are handling. When stacking your belonging for transportation, we at Zenith Moving make sure all your belongings are safe from the damages. This is the main reason why we insist on labeling and sorting out the storage compartments that our clients packed on their own.