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Packing the bedroom - tips and tricks

When it comes to packing, bedrooms can be a little complicated. A lot of personal items are there, that you need to take special care of. They are often the last rooms that we plan on packing, just before we load everything into the truck. This means you need to be fast and effective as well. So let’s find out what is the most effective way of packing the bedroom.


Declutter before packing the bedroom

As well as your entire home, bedrooms need decluttering. We do not have the idea of how much we have until we start to pack for moving. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, make sure you declutter before dialing Movers and Packers Manhattan. It will save you a lot of time and money as well. Decluttering is an essential process even when we are not moving. Getting your home rid of unnecessary stuff is like taking a ton off of your chest. You will feel like you have entered another house.

a chaos room you need to declutter before Packing the bedroom
Packing the bedroom is easier if you declutter first

Also, it will help you determine how much packing supplies do you really need. After getting everything out and sorting it, there is little chance that you will make a mistake when buying supplies. You can finance a part of your packing supplies by selling the decluttered items on a yard sale. When decluttering make three piles. Stuff you want to toss, donate or sell. This may take some more time off of your hands but it will be worth it.


Get your hands on packing supplies

Packing supplies means a lot in the moving process. Having the right packing supplies as well as the amount of it can really save the day. Best Moving Companies NYC knows all about good packing supplies. Packing the bedroom means acquiring items like:

  1. Boxes and plastic bins
  2. Moving dolly
  3. Packing peanuts
  4. Air-filled wrap
  5. Packing paper and tape
packing materials
Packing peanuts are essential for every packing process

There can be more depending on your needs of course, but these are the basics. You can wing it a bit by using some of your old boxes, towels, and blankets. Since the bedrooms are the last to pack you may be in a hurry. Wardrobe boxes will get your clothes packed in no time. Just remove from your closet and hang in the wardrobe box. It really is a time saver when it comes to packing clothes. Make sure you use your bags and suitcases to pack as well. If they are sturdy they can be used to pack fragile items. Just make sure to fill the suitcase with packing peanuts and secure the fragile items.


Create an emergency box

Do not pack everything just yet. Bear in mind that you will need an emergency box for the first few nights. Emergency boxes need to hold the items you often use. Residential movers Manhattan will carry everything but that box. Packing the bedroom without dividing for the emergency box will leave you in a pickle. The content of the box can vary depending on the person’s needs.

From your bedroom, you will need linen and a change of clothes. Make sure you pack extra. Moving is exhausting and you might not be up to unpacking right away. Take some underwear as well, pajamas, pillows. Whatever you need to get through the first few nights. Just until you are rested and can start unpacking. It would be best that each family member packs for themselves. That way you won’t need to worry about everyone’s’ stuff.


Make an inventory

Inventory will save you a lot of trouble when moving. Once you start packing the bedroom make sure you make a list of the things you packed. Labelling boxes is just as important. Label the box with the content and the room they’re in. The unpacking process will be a lot easier if you do.

pencil and paper
Make sure to make an inventory list of your items

Also, you will have a peace of mind and be certain you did not lose anything. If you didn’t pack everything you needed in the first-aid overnight bag it will be easier to grab it as well. So, save yourself the trouble of opening every box when unpacking by making an inventory and labeling. Prioritizing certain items will get you through the unpacking process faster.


Time to pack

When packing the bedrooms you need to be very careful. Hopefully, you have enough packing supplies so that will not be the problem. If you do not, as we mentioned, you can use what you have at hand. Packing valuable items come first. Make sure those stay and travel with you for your own peace of mind. Divide the wardrobe that can be used as padding. The delicate items should be packed properly in a wardrobe box. Some old T-shirts and towels can serve as padding. For packing the mattress you might need to opt-out to hire a professional crew. This is s very difficult job and you would not want to spend your entire day doing it. Save yourself some time and trouble and hire professional packing crews to do this for you.

Packing shoes in the original boxes are the best possible way but can take more space. Taping them together and wrapping in packing paper is also a great option. Be sure to limit the number of books per box when packing the bedroom. They might be small but are heavy and can lead to boxes tearing. Or you can decide to use plastic bins for packing. They will also protect the books from any outside damage. Disassemble furniture as instructed in the manual for that particular piece. Take your time with it and make sure you are using proper supplies.


Packing the bedroom might seem like a huge deal once you start. As you progress you will realize it is fairly easy if you have everything you need at hand. You just need some time and patience as well, aside from great packing supplies. Start your morning early and get everything done by the time your truck arrives. We believe you can do it!