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The process of moving with pets can initially appear difficult to plan. We are here to assist because of this. With all the traveling with pets we’ve done over the years, we’ve discovered one thing in particular: whether you’re moving across town or around the world, you need to make extra arrangements to keep your pets secure and comfortable. The expert advice listed below will help you move with pets more easily while also keeping them safe and healthy.

See Your Veterinarian Before Moving

Before moving to a new location, always take your pet in for a checkup at the vet.

The veterinarian can provide recommendations to make a move with pets as straightforward as possible. And will make sure your pet has all of its required vaccines.

Recently, one of our clients was about to make a significant relocation with their cherished dog, Max. In addition to renewing Max’s immunizations, the veterinarian offered some other advice, such as maintaining Max’s diet consistency throughout this stressful time to prevent any stomach issues while traveling. Max’s move to his new home was easy and stress-free because of these safeguards.

If you intend to switch veterinarians, make sure to collect copies of your pet’s health certificate. Or medical records at this appointment.

Get To Know Laws For Moving With Pets

Many people fail to realize that when moving with their pets, they must follow all applicable national, state, and local rules.

We have transported pets throughout the US, and we can see that each state has varied laws based on the species. Therefore, do some study to understand the laws and restrictions in your new area. Do this before you go on your road journey or arrange air travel with your pet.

For instance, be sure you are permitted to bring dogs by checking the regulations of your new apartment building. Or homeowners’ association. Additionally, discover whether there are any breed restrictions or restrictions on the number of pets you are allowed to own.

Pack a Day-Of-Moving Bag

We usually advise packing a separate moving day bag with all the items you may need nearby during the move and not inside a box. Do this to guarantee a successful transfer to a new city, state, or country. Following are some moving with pets packing suggestions:

Bring Home Scents with You

For pets, moving into a new house can be extremely stressful. They are in a new environment with fresh sounds, sights, and smells.

Bring over some items that smell like your home to help make their move-in a little less unpleasant.

For example, you may provide them with an unwashed blanket or towel to curl up with in bed or their box. By giving them these things, you can make sure they have something comfortable and familiar to hold onto while you unpack and settle down.

Bring Your Pets’ Toys

It’s a good idea to organize before a move. No matter how worn out they may be, keep all of your pet’s favorite toys during your purge.

We know from experience that those comfortable toys are essential for reassuring pets and easing their adjustment to a new environment.

Be Patient and Assist Your Pet in Adjusting

Finally, keep in mind that just like you, your pet needs some time to adjust to their new environment. Make time for action in your hectic schedule and be gentle with them as they settle in.

Set up a specific area for them as soon as you arrive at your new house by adding their bed, toys, and a clean dish of water.

Make sure your dog has a place to run about if you own one. That includes letting them relax outside or taking them on walks. Additionally, playing with your animal companion strengthens your relationship and relieves stress for both of you!

Plan Your Pet-Friendly Move Right Now!

With pets, moving to a new home can be difficult. But if you adhere to these recommendations, getting ready for moving day and assisting your pets in a new setting will be simpler.

Zenith Moving is available if you require any additional assistance with preparing your move with pets. Our skilled movers know what it takes to make moving with pets (and moving with people) as easy and stress-free as possible.