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Public storage vs self-storage

When it comes to public storage vs self-storage, you should know that both have advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to public storage, there are many more disadvantages than advantages. Of course, we will be talking about that in our guide. However, most people do not know the main differences between these two types of storages. For this reason, our team of experts has decided to help out a bit. Basically, public storage is the type of storage everyone can use, and self-storage is the type of storage only you can use. Both can be good or bad, depending on the situation. In any case, let us see what our guide is all about in order to be able to make a good distinction. We hope you will learn something new today.

What are the main differences between public storages vs self-storages?

Before we can talk about this, we need to talk about what are some of the key traits of both types of storage. Namely, the government owns the public storage. You cannot go there whenever you wish, but only during working hours, and the government has the right to check on the things you stored there if they think them to be suspicious. Even more, a lot of other people can also store their belongings there, so it can get crowded, especially during the times of the global pandemic of Covid-19. So, unless you really have no other choice, you can consider public storage for your needs. However, there are more disadvantages than advantages for this type of storage.

Public storage vs self-storage
Everyone can use public storage options

Self-storage options are different. Namely, you will be the only one inside your storage. This means that no one else can enter your storage. Of course, you will pay for the right to do so. However, self-storage options are, usually, better. Professional moving and storage companies, like White Glove movers NYC offer good storage options. Their storage is professional and suitable for most types of belongings. Even more, some items require special storing conditions. So, you will have to meet them before you can safely store something. In any case, make sure to think about this one before you rent a storage unit. It can mean a massive difference between a good storing experience and a really bad one.

Is there a clear winner?

Surprisingly, there is not a clear winner between these two types of storage units. Public storage is really good for something not really important. Even more, you can store some of your spare items there. Also, you can store items you do not really need in public storage. Chances are that nothing will happen to your items. So, even if the government decides to check it up, you will not need your items as soon as possible for your move. So, you will not have to worry about having to relocate without your items. Even more, some items can endure being left alone for substantial periods of time. So, you can place such items in a public storage unit.

Self-storage options are temperature-controlled
Self-storage options are temperature-controlled

Self-storage units are different and they function differently. Namely, you will usually rent them from professional storage providers. This service is, of course, private, and you will have to pay for the right to store your items. However, private storage units are temperature-controlled and can house even the most sensitive items. Storage units function on a simple principle – they protect your items from harm. In any case, a professional storage unit will still need to meet specific requirements. In any case, if you are looking for some really good storage units Long Island City offers, you will know to contact a professional moving company before you decide to acquire some.

Public storage vs self-storage – what else is there to this?

The main issue when it comes to some public storage options is that you cannot access them any time you would like. This means that you will have to wait for specific hours to get your items back from your public storage unit. Even more, you will have to organize your move according to their working hours. In most cases, this will not work out well. Imagine if you contact the finest Long Island City movers and have them wait for hours for you to be able to access your storage? There will be some really big problems in the end. Your goal is to avoid this. However, self-storage units are slightly better for this. Here is what you can do with having one of them:

  • You can store your really sensitive items. A good temperature will help you out with this. Usually, storage units need to be slightly on the colder side. Heat increases moisture levels, and it is definitely something bad when it comes to storing belongings. Think about this one.
  • Your items will be well-protected. Self-storage units are professional. Even more, most companies also have storage guards. They are there to make sure that only you can access your storage units. It is never a bad idea to be safe when it comes to this. 
  • You will not experience pests or moisture at all. Pests and high moisture levels can be devastating for a storage unit. Fortunately, if you rent a professional storage unit, you will not have to worry about this one. Even more, your items will be safe and sound inside a self-storage unit. Think about this one before you decide to relocate.
Self-storage units are safer
Self-storage units are safer

Is there anything else to public storage vs self-storage?

When it comes to public storage vs self-storage, self-storage options are definitely better. However, self-storage units come with a price. So, if you are not prepared to pay for a high-quality service, then you might consider using public storage instead. In any case, being safe is really important nowadays and self-storage options are safer. Not only that, but your items will have better storage conditions. Hope this will help you out next time you relocate. Good luck!