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Tips for renting self storage in NYC

The process of relocation is long and often complicated. You have to do a lot of things before and during relocation. One of them is deciding what to do with items that you no longer need in your new home or simply do not have enough room for them. In that case, consider renting storage in NYC. However, another thing to consider when relocating and looking for storage in NYC is hiring a good, professional moving company such as Zenith Moving NYC. Let us take a look at some of the basic tips for renting self-storage in NYC.

What to look for when renting self-storage in NYC?

Everyone has different storage needs during relocation. The type and size of a storage unit largely depend on the size of the items that you need to store. Furthermore, it likely depends on your budget limit as well. This is why you should take into consideration several key factors when renting self-storage in NYC.

Take a good look at your inventory

As we have already mentioned, relocation is often a complicated process. The size of your inventory, for example, plays a big part in the way in which you organize your move. Proper planning and organization are crucial when moving and storing items in a large area such as NYC. It is for this reason that you should look at your inventory and create a simple checklist. By creating a checklist you will have a good insight into the size of your inventory as well as have an easier time packing it. Moreover, the checklist allows for better and more organized packing. To add to this, when decluttering your inventory, you can use the checklist to keep track of the items that you no longer need.

Tips for renting self storage in NYC
Create a simple checklist to keep track of your items and get a good insight into the size of your inventory. This is often one of the crucial factors when renting self-storage in NYC.

The price

Other crucial factors when sealing the deal for a self-storage unit are rates and the cost of renting it. The best thing you can do is properly research several storage facilities before making the final decision. While sometimes prices can be a bit higher, a facility may offer additional security protection or eco-friendly storage units. Compare prices of storage units and hop online to read some online reviews of previous users. This can also give you a good idea of whether you should rent a slightly expensive storage unit or simply look for the most affordable one.

The security features of a storage unit

If you have items in your inventory that are valuable or easily breakable you need to ensure you get them the best protection possible. This is why reviewing the security features of a self-storage unit is another crucial element to consider before renting one. For example, if you have art and sculptures that you need to store, you want to make sure they are properly protected 24/7. Moreover, when relocating and moving items such as artwork always hire professional fine art movers NYC. Let us take a look at some of the key features of a properly secured self-storage.

  • Unlimited access. In case you have important items stored in your storage and you may need them at any given time, you should look for unlimited access storage units.
  • 24/7 video surveillance. There is no better way to monitor your storage than to have it under constant video surveillance.
  • Passcode entry gates. Having your own, specially made code just for your storage is another additional element that can offer extra protection to your inventory.
  • Alarm system. This one is a must. It is the easiest way of protecting your stored items.
Security camera.
Finding a storage unit that has the right security features is the key to keeping your items safe and protected.

Things you should do before renting self-storage in NYC

Now that we have discussed some of the things to look for in a storage unit, let’s take a look at what you should do before renting one. First of all, ask yourself for how long do you need a storage unit? Depending on the answer, you can consider what to do with your inventory that needs to be stored.

Decluttering your inventory

The process of packing will probably take the most of your time during relocation. This is why you want to make it as simple and as organized as possible. To do this, you need to declutter. This means that you should take a good look at the things you do not need or do not have room for in your new home. Furthermore, you may want to set some items aside for storing while your new office gets refurnished or reopened. Decluttering your office is a great way of deciding which items will go into a storage unit and which items can be sold for example. By decluttering your inventory you are not only making it easier to pack the rest of the items but you also get a good sense as to which items need to be stored. 

Organizing packed boxes.
Before storing your items in a storage unit, organize and declutter your inventory.

Hire reliable and professional movers

Finding a storage unit is one thing, but finding reliable movers that can be trusted with your inventory is another matter entirely. The benefits of hiring professional movers to help you relocate and store your items are many. However, first, you need to do your research. Look for professional moving companies that can offer you a wide range of Manhattanmoving services. This way you will ensure that your relocation is smooth and efficient.


When renting a storage in NYC there are several things to do and consider. Begin by hiring reliable movers and decluttering your inventory. Look at your budget and the size of your inventory. If you have valuable items that need protection, make sure the self-storage you are choosing has the right security features that we have listed above. Go through these basic few tips and you are sure to find the right self-storage for your inventory!