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Storage requires technique and the proper materials for the job, much like artwork. There are a lot of things to consider, a lot of preparation is involved, and there are a lot of ways it can go wrong. Therefore, it is crucial for people to understand the tasks that storing paintings before transport involved. Our team of fine art movers Manhattan offers this insightful article to help you learn all you need to secure this process.

There are risks when handling art pieces

As we mentioned, this is not your ordinary house item. Hard work and money went into these painting and you would want to preserve them the best way possible. Professional movers in Manhattan are here to help you handle the process of transportation, but what before and after transport. Storing paintings before transport means you will be taking some risks:

  1. Missing part and breakage
  2. Fingerprints all over your art
  3. Stains
  4. Other environmental damage

Handling art can be extremely stressful. You will have to be extremely careful with choosing a company handling the move as well. This can make or break the whole process. The moving company must be familiar with moving fine art and fragile pieces. Movers will have a lot of responsibility handling this

A person painting
Before storing paintings before transport care not to stain them

Consider soring painting before transport in a storage unit

Storage units are always a good option for excess stuff. Or just for something too valuable to keep in your own home. There is no ordinary storage you can use. For storing paintings and fine art you will need climate-controlled storage in Long Island City. Paintings and fine art can not handle huge temperatures and humidity. That can ruin them, and we are trying to avoid that.

Padding in your storage unit is mandatory. One does not simply rent a climate-controlled storage unit just to lay the art on the floor. Putting them one on top of another is also something you must avoid. Also storing them on top of some other items like a sofa. Yes we know, there are a lot of rules to follow, but it is for their good. Storing paintings before transport is more important than transportation. That can be handled by professionals, but this you are doing by yourself. So do not take this very lightly.

If you are not in a situation to rent a storage unit there can be another solution to it. Try asking around with your friends and family. Some of them might already rent. Ask to use it until the moving day while you are wrapping up on the packing in your home.

Gather quality supplies

You can not store them like you should without quality supplies. So do not save your money on this step of the transportation and packing. We mentioned padding earlier and that is your painting’s best friend. Padding can be replaced if you can buy a painting rack.  A great tool as well as Styrofoam. Know what tools are best to use when packing before you start packing your items. If you can have it custom made even better. Made to suit the exact measurements of your every painting it will be perfect protection.

Cardboard boxes used when storing paintings before transport
Make sure to gather new packing supplies

Before wrapping the edges in it you will also need additional protection. Plastic will be perfect for the actual surface and not just the edges. What can be tricky here is if you are not storing them in controlled units. Moisture and plastic are not your paintings’ best friends, so be careful. Boxes are not the happiest solution for them but can be managed. Of course, you can not just simply place them in and seal the box. Previously mentioned Styrofoam of peanuts must be inside the box before laying the painting down. Moving companies provide great sturdy boxes that you can use for this as well. Nothing of these can be touching the actual surface of the painting.

Avoid storage areas in your home

This might seem like the easiest solution for you, but it is definitely not the best. As we mentioned, you will need to have a controlled environment. Your home’s storage areas are definitely not it. They are damp and that can damage your art. Doesn’t matter if you secure it well before storing it. Conditions in the area will affect them either way. It is just too risky storing paintings before transport in your home.

storage units
Only a storage unit have good conditions to store artwork

Direct sunlight in the attic can really impact the paintings as badly as moist in the basement. Attics are also more heated because they are first to face the sunlight. Renting a storage unit is the best way to secure your belongings, but first, you will need to know how to find a good storage unit. Temperatures can be higher than in the rest of our home for quite a lot. Especially since you probably do not have air condition in the attic, and why would you.

Actual transportation day is a lot of work as well

You would think that you have gotten through the worst part of it. But hold your horses for a bit longer. You must pay close attention when transporting as well. Especially if you are handling it without professional help. Make sure your paintings do not move around your vehicle when driving. Secure them well, but do not press too hard. Place them vertically in your car or truck.

If you have to lay them down, make sure nothing is on top and that the painting is secured. If you are not moving them on your own, investigate your options. There are a lot of couriers out there. Consider investing in insurance as well. Insurance is very useful when moving, especially for such precious items. This is especially important when transporting jewelry. But before you transport it, learn how to take good care of expensive belongings.

Storing paintings before transport is no easy job. A lot of thought and hard work must be put into this. But bear in mind what you are protecting and how valuable it is. All the hard work will payout once you have your art hung around your new home. The beautiful view will leave you speechless, and you will quickly forget all the troubles.

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