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Guide to packing a fridge for moving

Packing a fridge for moving might just be a bit tougher than it sounds. Relocating a freezer or a refrigerator needs taking some extra steps. Well, you are in the right place to inform yourself about that. So, let’s see what we can do to make this more convenient.

Prepare an eating schedule

Before you start packing, you should organize your eating schedule. Making a meal plan a few weeks in advance will save your money and your food. Rather than throw food away, find alternative means to dispose of them – throw a farewell party, gift some of it to friends, etc. Since you called movers and packers Manhattan already, you know your due date.

A fridge full of food you need to empty before packing a fridge for moving
Use all the food you can before packing a fridge for moving

If you want you can include non-perishable food in your eating plan as well. This will make the job or relocating easier. But, if that is too much food for you to consume, leave canned food for packing. You can also consider donating canned food to shelters near you. You will make some people very happy. Also, make a list every time you go shopping before the move. Do not buy too much food, only what is going to be eaten. We are not leaving anything behind!

Think about hiring professionals

If you aren’t about to trouble yourself with packing a fridge for moving, hiring professionals is a great solution. Hiring a local moving company in NYC is a great idea if you are short on time and have to move in a hurry. Or if you just have a lot of stuff and can’t deal with it on your own. Calling your movers is a great idea even if you have time but you don’t want to struggle.

Professionals do not need to prepare, because this is their job. They are used to handling bulky and fragile items. Packing a fridge for moving will be a piece of cake for them. You, on the other hand, will need some preparation period. You will also be spared of buying the supplies. So this is a win-win situation for sure. Just call your movers on time and you got yourself a deal.

Gather supplies before packing a fridge for moving

If you are keen on doing this on your own, let’s dig in. You will, of course, need to know where to find packing and cleaning supplies before you start this. Packing a fridge for moving means you will need:

  1. Thrash bags
  2. Cleaning supplies
  3. Moving truck
  4. Dolly
  5. Blankets
  6. Tape

Cleaning supplies depend entirely on you. This is not some out of the ordinary cleaning. We are pretty sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned your fridge before. It will be the same this time. Except you won’t be putting back your food in. This is a step you can not miss. You would not want your fridge smelling all the way to your new home. And when you get there, you just plug it in and stack the food. Make sure you defrost your fridge 24 hours before you start packing your fridge for a move or preparing it. Defrosting will save you the hassle of having to deal with stubborn ice and frosted stains. Take your time with cleaning your fridge, you can not do it in an hour, so remember to be patient.

a trash bag
Use trash bags when throwing away some food

Secure any detachable parts of our refrigerator

The refrigerator can not be packed in its entirety for relocation. Any detachable parts inside must be removed. That includes shelves, drawers, and other loose parts. We will pack these parts separately from the fridge and treat them like a fragile item. Most of them are glass and plastic so they are pretty fragile.

Wrap these parts in blankets or towels to secure them from breaking in transport. After you secure that with tape, consider where to place them. You can transport them separately in a box. Or you can put them all back into the refrigerator and secure the door with rope. This is up to you, to do as you like. Local moving might not require that hassle. So we have good news if you are not moving far away. Instead of going all that length to secure loose parts, just tape them in place. Make sure you get quality packing tape before moving.  Nothing is going to happen to them on a short trip. But make sure you tape it good and secure with a rope over the door either way.

fridge handle
Make sure not to lose any small parts

Get some help to relocate the fridge

Packing a fridge for moving is not easy, but neither is the actual relocation. The thing is, those can be quite big and you can be stuck trying to get it out. Call over some friends to lay a helping hand. That is if you aren’t looking for ways of hiring movers for relocation. Ring up a friend or two, grab a beer and plan this out. Make a route you are going to take to get the fridge to the moving truck. As we said, they can be quite big and this may be an issue.

If you are not sure how you are going to do it, try to improvise a path. Make sure to secure everything down the road. This means cardboard on the floor to prevent it from scratching. Protect the walls as well to prevent damage to the wall and the paint.  Before doing all that you will need some measure. Maybe it just looks like it can go through that specific door. Try to improvise but always measure the path you are going to take. Having obstacles in your way can only get you hurt. Any chandeliers, lamps, furniture, etc must be moved or already out the door. You do not want to get yourself hurt during your moving day.

Packing a fridge for moving has some extra steps, but nothing unmanageable. This is an easy task for you and a few friends. Or maybe a professional crew, it is up to you. We hope this goes smoothly and you have a nice moving experience! Good luck!

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