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Tips for packing a pool table for transport

Packing large and heavy objects always requires additional focus and tact, especially when an item consists of multiple parts and surprisingly easy to damage. An additional reason for concern is that pool tables can sometimes be very expensive so the move can unnecessarily become an expensive venture if done hastily. Indeed, packing a pool table for transport can be quite tiresome. When done by an inexperienced crew there is always a risk of damaging the pool table. So, it’s well-minded advice to consider renting a professional moving company to do all the heavy work for you, white-glove movers to be precise. Furthermore, pool tables tend to be the heaviest items in a home. Otherwise, when DIY moving, it’s best to additionally assure the security of your valuable item by using a few handy packing techniques and tips. We prepared some common as well as some pretty top of the notch advice for packing your favorite pool table.

First things first, disassembling

The easy way will demand a fair amount of your time. In order to prepare everything for packing you will need to prepare some tools first. Make sure to have a screwdriver and wrench, depending on the pool table model, which is a must-have.

Secondly, you are going to need additional help when doing this. Call at least two or even three friends to provide you support when heavy lifting the pool table frame. There is a good chance of hurting yourself when doing it alone or with just one helper.

Billiard balls
It is important to pack all parts separately

When doing disassembly, it is of at most importance to mark all the bags and boxes adequately so you don’t waste your time when reassembling later. To make the table disassembly easier for you we made a shortlist of chronological steps below. If tools are of the right size and with a few friends around to help (again, don’t risk getting injured by trying to lift it all by yourself), this can be done without stress.

Pool table disassembles steps

Consider the following steps when DIY packing:

  1. Pack the balls, cues, and triangle – the obvious first thing to do
  2. Unbind the pockets – be careful not to scratch the materials, screws can be hidden under the table
  3. Unbind the rails – be careful not to break or damage them, make sure you loosen all the bolts first
  4. Remove the felt – be patient with this one, there are a lot of staplers fastening the cloth
  5. Remove the slate or slates – it can be one peace or tree peace pool table
  6. Disassemble the frame – this is a slow process but nonetheless necessary

Be careful when removing felt, depending on its state, sometimes it’s just better to leave it as it was. Its common that felt is fastened with staples but it can be sewn in as well. Other steps are pretty straight forward and include unscrewing and loosening bolts. Don’t rush when doing this, every part tends to connect logically with its counterpart. Remember that it is possible to disconnect all of the joints and nuts with no use of force. If you can’t find the screws, take a look under the table in order to find those connections. Take your time and look around so you don’t make any unnecessary damage to the material. If you did the steps above with patience, you will have a disassembled pool table by now!

The alternative to doing this by yourself is to call some of the white glove movers NYC has to offer. Specialized in moving high-value items such as pool tables, jacuzzies, sculptures, and such, just to name a few. Also, they have special adjusted equipment for these purposes and constantly taking care that everything happens in a perfect way.

Person in gray long sleeve shirt holding bubble wrap
Consider using bubble wrap when packing a pool table for transport

Packing a pool table for transport

Moving to Jersey City from NYC can be considered a short-distance move but it can become a costly ride if all the parts are not wrapped, packed, and tucked correctly.

So, for this part, you will need duct tape, cardboard boxes, and plain wrapping paper or bubble wraps. Also, styrofoam and blankets can come quite in handy when packing heavy parts. The sooner you begin wrapping the better.

Tips for packing

These are some of the helpful tips when packing the pool table:

  • Parts that are, by default, separated from the pool table but belong to the set should be carefully wrapped and packed together. Put wrapped balls and triangle in one box, pool cues can go separately – considering its cumbersome length.
  • Make sure to pack all the screws in a plastic bag and tie it to the relevant part. As we specified earlier, it is very important to take care of all the screws and bolts when disassembling. This can be a lifesaver in the later reassembling phase.
  • Medium size parts of the frame put in boxes but only after you wrap them properly. Use bubble wrap and duct tape for this while packing a pool table for transport.
  • Consider using Styrofoam when packing heavy objects. Pay particular attention to the edges of heavier parts and protect them adequately. Bumps on the road can be devastating towards heavy objects therefore spend a bit more time securing them.

You can wrap each part of the pool table with a blanket or bubble wrap if needed. When loading parts onto the truck, it’s especially important to watch out for slates. They can be extremely heavy and easy to drop or damage. Once you load all the parts, we recommend driving as carefully as possible so the parts don’t shift around, scratch, or break while in transport.

When moving interstate considers using storage units Long Island City has to offer. That way you can move the pool table from the start location to the storage unit and later come back to it when all the rush ends.

White 10 feet steel tape
Before packing make sure to measure all doorways

Additional tips to consider

This part is going to be just a small reminder prior to everything above. Just make sure that you calculated all the pool table measurements. Make sure to measure well all the doors ways or windows if moving from a house. Otherwise, measure all the hallways of your apartment building as well as elevators – thank us later. If only you have packed a few parts in a bit different order, you would be able to use the elevator instead of the stairs. It can be quite irritating to realize a mistake at the end of the packing phase. Also, make sure to check that the longest part of the pool table can fit into the back of the truck.

If all of this seems a bit complicated, stressful, or time-consuming then consider renting a professional moving company to do all the work for you.