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Tips for dealing with negligent movers

Moving is a difficult process. It takes a lot of time and nerves to do a big move smoothly. Therefore if your moving company is careless or outright a scam it makes you feel worried. Moving with a legitimate company is by itself hard. For that reason by using a negligent company your stressful experience has transformed into a hellish one. But how can you avoid problems when moving? You can avoid all that trouble by hiring respected and reputable movers such as Zenith movers NYC to get the job done without complaints. If for some reason you’re already in a bad situation here are some tips for dealing with negligent movers.

Tips for avoiding negligent movers

Sometimes the best tip for dealing with negligent movers is the easiest. Avoid them altogether. Obviously, this is easier said than done. Here are some ways you can easily recognize an ingenuine moving company from the start.

  • No phone or website available – In these modern times there is no excuse for a company to not have a website. It’s even tougher for a moving company to be without a phone number. If someone is talking to you over their private phone about your move cut them off. It’s probably an illegitimate business or even worse someone trying to scam you.
  • Over the phone estimates –  A proper moving company can’t issue you a legitimate estimate over the phone. There are so many factors that need to be checked before an accurate estimate is made. At all costs avoid companies that give you estimates over the phone or flat out avoid to calculate your moving cost.
Woman dealing with negligent movers over the phone
Don’t accept estimates from negligent movers that are done over the phone
  • Bad online reviews – A moving company can’t afford to risk their reputation. That’s why a bad online review may be a good indicator of their reputation. Even when good companies make mistakes they will try to settle it with the client. It’s better for them to resolve a small problem than to have bad reviews.

There is no insurance

Your items need to be packed nicely depending on how long of a trip they will make. On the other hand, the moving company needs to offer you some type of insurance when transporting your stuff from point A to point B. The best way you insure yourself is to hire movers and packers Manhattan to pack and move your valuables without problems. They, like any other professional moving company, will offer you some kind of insurance. There’s nothing worse than damaging a valuable item because of negligent movers and having to deal with them.

Tips for dealing with negligent movers after the move

Red flags are sometimes hard to see. Especially when you are moving. Nobody likes to check every detail about a company when they are in a hurry to move. But it’s ok, your move has a minor setback but nothing to panic about. There are more or less stressful residential moves and yours is currently experiencing difficulties. That’s why we are here with tips for dealing with negligent movers so you know how to act accordingly.

Girl leaving a bad review because of her expirience with negligent movers
Leaving a bad online review is a viable option when dealing with negligent movers

Contact the company

It sounds weird to contact the company that you think mistreated you but it’s the first and best step to take. If it’s a decent company they will talk with you and resolve the problem. A moving company lives and dies on its reputation. Professional companies like local movers NYC can’t stake their repute by doing a bad job or even worse ignoring the client. So If the response is negative or even worse there is no response this might be a sign of something more serious.

Leave a bad online review

If the company refuses to speak to you it’s time to step it up a notch. Leaving a bad review next up on the list of tips for dealing with negligent movers. In today’s world, a company doesn’t exist if it doesn’t have an online presence. So if you decide to leave a bad review for everyone to see be assured that it will hurt them. Try to explain what happened to you and what experience you had with the company.

Tips on dealing with a negligent moving company by filing a claim

This is a big step when having a dispute with a moving company. You are slowly entering into legal action territories. If you come this far it means the moving company messed up big time. As we already said a lot of companies will try to settle problems with their clients directly. If the moving company you have problems with is registered then here are some places that might help you out.

Black and gold steel tool used in court for dealing with negligent movers
Dealing with a negligent moving company can also mean taking them to court
  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSCA) – If the company is registered with the AMSCA it has obligations regarding complaints. If you request a complaint on their site they will notify the moving company of their duties. The downside is they don’t hold any legal authority.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – You can fail a complaint with the BBB against your moving company. They make sure that every moving company follows strict guidelines and that they respect every rule of the industry. If you decide to file a complaint, they will contact the company that needs to respond in the next two weeks.
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association (FMCSA) – The FMCSA serves as a regulator for the moving industry. It deals with the safety of moving and relocation companies in general. They will have the most info on whether your moving company is doing business according to regulations.

Take them to court

This is the last option for you. From all the tips for dealing with negligent movers, this is the toughest one. It will take a lot of time, money, and energy to make everything work out for you. In any case, you should contact the state attorneys from both the state you moved and the state you were moving from.

A bad moving company is always going to amplify every negative emotion you have for moving from one place to another. Our first piece of advice is to always watch out for red flags that are obvious. Let’s hope that you will avoid every unprofessional moving company. But in case you get in a bad situation follow our tips for dealing with negligent movers and we are sure everything is going to be alright. Stay safe and good luck with your move.