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Tips for relocation to NYC

Zenith Moving will offer you important tips for relocation to NYC, whether you are doing it for the first time or returning after the exodus.

New York is finally returning to life, despite the headlines that declared the city dead forever. Since July 2021, the Big Apple is overwhelmed with the people returning en masse after the pandemic.

Many employers, including the city government, called their employees to work from the office. Schools and Tips for relocation to NYC colleges have opened as well to in-person learning in September. As a consequence, this has led to a massive return, especially of young people. As the New York Post reports, around 26.6 million millennials were residing in their family homes by June of last year. This is the highest number since the Great depression.

We present some tips you will need to consider on your relocation to NYC.

Get in contact with the local real estate agents

If you are moving for the first time to NYC, you will have to do thorough research on where you want to live. Decisive factors may be the distance to your work or college, public transit options, the diversity each borough has to offer, and the price. An experienced and good real estate agent will make sure that your search and the expectations coincide. For the one who already has experience in living in NYC, it will also save precious time that would be otherwise wasted in house searching.

Hire a professional moving company for relocation to NYC

One more useful tip would be to hire a professional relocation company that is familiar with moving within New York City. You will need a reliable service that knows how to double-park and/or maneuver the furniture through tight spaces. For a successful relocation, a minimum of three professionals are required – one to stay with the vehicle and the other two to move the furniture. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and see what moving  services we have to offer. 

 Rent a storage unit for your relocation to NYC

Decluttering is always a good idea when relocating to a new house. Why don’t you use this occasion to contact various charities and marketplace venues to get rid of the things that no longer serve you? Bear in mind that relocation companies and professional movers will need to know in advance which big items and furniture you are moving. In that way, they will be able to offer a precise and accurate estimation of the moving costs.

If you want to cut down even more on your costs, put some items you don’t need into a storage unit.

Storage units

Zenith Moving offers well-kept and affordable storage in Long Island City which comes in all sizes. For more details, take a look at our page on storage services.

Consult the move-in policy before the big day 

As soon as you have signed the lease, make sure to get in touch with the building management in order to confirm the move-in policy. First, you will have to set the moving date with both the new and the old building. Reserve an elevator, especially if you’re renting a condo in a larger residential building. In some cases, moving companies will even have to show a certificate of insurance. The management can require using protective covering on the floors in the common areas and hallways of the building.

Bonus tip for moving to NYC with ease

The pandemic has hastened and forced many businesses into lockdown and people to move away. But things have finally started to look up. Seize our tips and contact us just today for more advice on how to organize a stress-free and easy relocation to NYC.