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Moving plants to your new home

Moving plants, like any antiques or fragile items, call for a quality prep in advance, lots of patience, and in this case green fingers. Zenith Moving is here to help you move your garden safely to the new condo you will call home.

Indoor plants for move

Nothing makes the house feel like home and the atmosphere warm and welcoming like houseplants. If you invested months or even years taking care of your leafy companions, you can have a rough patch leaving them behind or giving them away.

Luckily, you will not have to even consider these options, since we are sharing some useful tips that can go a long way when preparing your houseplants for a move. The ground rules are:

  • Book a professional moving company
  • Choose the suitable season for moving
  • Making an adequate watering schedule in advance

Choosing the right company for moving plants

Due to their awkwardness and fragility, plants can be hard to transport. That is why the majority of moving companies won’t take that risk. For the short-distance trip, ideally would be to transport your leafy companions in your own vehicle. However, if you opt for a removal company, Zenith moving is here to offer you quality services and give plenty of useful advice. The only thing you will have to think about is loading your plants per last onto the moving truck or van.

When is the best season for moving plants?

This is a commonly discussed topic when it comes to relocating your home garden. Typically, the summer is the most popular time for changing house, but it’s never a good idea for moving plants due to high temperatures and dry air. On the other hand, winter can be also a tricky period to do so. So if you have control over when are you moving, ideally would be if you could relocate in early spring or late autumn. During this period the temperature is mainly tepid, and the weather is quite moderate, all of which can help plants adapt with ease to the new environment.

Guide on how to move plants 

The process of moving your garden is fairly simple if it consists of indoor potted plants. Small plants can be left in their current pots and moved in an open cardboard box. To prevent them from moving too much in the box and potentially getting damaged, you will have to staff in between gaps some newspaper. Find a suitable plastic pot for relocating them, because it’s never a good idea of leaving them in those decorative ceramic ones. How to pack plants for moving If you are prone to a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution, consider using burlap or hessian. This is a natural fabric that will let your plants breathe during transport and is ideal for protecting roots. 

Larger and taller houseplants will need trimming or pruning before relocating to their new home. However, avoid making too many changes before settling them in, just pay attention to those essential ones, so that your leafy friends don’t waste their energy on the parts that don’t serve them. For the outdoor plants, make sure to consult the following page: Moving plants to a new home.

In the weeks prior to your relocation, make sure to have a watering schedule. Start regularly with deep soaking your plants, and if possible, do it at night when water evaporates less. Give them a thorough watering a couple of days before the final date, but don’t exaggerate! This will make sure your garden stays alive and hydrated even after the relocation because watering isn’t always a top priority when you have to unpack your whole life. For more detailed advice, feel free to consult a more detailed guide on Relocating a home garden – tips and tricks

You are not alone in your distress when moving 

Not only is the relocation stressful on us, but it can affect even more our plants, which are quite temperamental and will not always appreciate a change in environment. However, following the aforementioned tips and with a little bit of love and luck, you will be able to enjoy in your indoor garden for the years to come, and Zenith moving is here to help you achieve it.