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Are you a recent graduate seeking a new place to call home? Then it’s likely that New York City is calling you. Thankfully, you may select from hundreds of distinct communities in the Big Apple. But it could take a little longer than a New York minute to go through them all. Below is a list of the top NYC neighborhoods that young professionals are most interested in. In addition to a couple of runner-ups. along with some advice and things to think about before moving to a specific neighborhood.

Brooklyn’s Williamsburg

Williamsburg must be among the most well-liked communities. Not just with hipsters, either. The formerly industrial mini-city is still a thriving center for upcoming musicians, designers, artists, technicians, business owners, and individuals from all backgrounds.

Every day, proponents of all colored collars gather here. Brooklyn mainstays including McCarren Park, Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn Brewery, and Brooklyn Flea are located here. And lots of secondhand clothes, artisanal cuisine, and craft beer. Innumerable trendy shops, antique boutiques, and picturesque rooftop retreats are also present. Not to mention some of the hippest indie music venues, cafés, pubs, and coffee shops in the nation. It is just unheard of for a young, professional New Yorker to leave the L train at the notorious Bedford Av stop.


What some Brooklynites used to refer to as “the next Williamsburg” is located just southeast of Williamsburg and is used to because the definition of “coolest” in Brooklyn areas is subject to rapid change.

Bushwick is still good, though. 2.34 square miles of converted warehouses, old brownstones, and stunning street art paired with an abundance of top-notch restaurants, pubs, stores, galleries, and nightlife. To mention a few, there is the peculiar DWEEBS, the notorious Roberta’s Pizza, Tortilleria Los Hermanos, and the House of Yes. Once a center for Latinos and Hispanics, the population is now quite varied. And there’s a tremendous feeling of community. Every day, tens of thousands of youth from around the nation (and beyond) reside, work, and play in Bushwick. As a result, the nightlife is also anything but boring.


Greenpoint is located along the East River to the north of Williamsburg. Greenpoint, formerly a center for Polish Americans, is now home to a diverse mix of immigrants, including hipsters, as well as older, more established New Yorkers.

As a result, hip cafés, tattoo parlors, craft beer bars, and fashionable restaurants mix with charming Polish stores and eateries. In addition, there are several music venues, nightclubs, and art places in Word Book, leaf through a book. Visit Feng Swey to purchase a plant for your new home or a “mystery gift” for your new Brooklyn neighbor. Visit the Greenpoint Terminal Market to engage in some waterfront artisanal shopping. Go see a good B-movie at Film Noir. Or just head to Karczma for a couple of sausages and spend the rest of the weekend barhopping.

Astoria (Queens)

Astoria is a traditionally Greek colony located further north. This riverside NYC location is great for families as well as young professionals, and it has been growing recently. It provides many of the same activities as its Brooklyn equivalents above, but it also has a distinct personality. Elias Corner offers a taste of the Mediterranean. Stop by Bohemian Hall to taste some Czech beer. Visit the Museum of the Moving Image to learn more about B-films and other films.

Manhattan’s Upper East Side

We next travel to one of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhood. To begin with, the singular Central Park serves as the front yard for the UES’s towering skyscrapers and quaint brownstones. The best shopping, dining, and dining in the world can be found in this area plus world-class art at the Met and the Guggenheim.

In addition to several more well-regarded entertainment and cultural venues. See Comic Strip Live, the birthplace of Jerry Seinfeld. At Hex & Co., enjoy a game of Monopoly and a round of drinks. Alternatively, take a picnic, jog, or stroll by the Conservatory Water. The general atmosphere of the UES differs greatly from that of hipster Brooklyn and Queens. Additionally, the rent might be scary. All the same, this upscale location has been a favorite among young professionals for many years.

A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Neighborhood for Young Professionals:

Tip 1: Identify Your Wishes

Every kind of lifestyle is easily accommodated in New York City neighborhood. However, there are so many possibilities that it may be daunting. Therefore, you must have a general idea of what you want in terms of employment and leisure.

Tip 2: Manage Your Budget

The world’s capital has the highest cost of living in the whole nation. So, create some spreadsheets, read up on the subject, and have a strategy. To live comfortably here, you’ll need to have savings of at least $80,000 each year.

Tip 3: Do Preliminary Shopping

Any wants of a young professional will be satisfied in NYC. But there are just no words to adequately describe the real NYC experience. So how might one locate the ideal neighborhood? Explore the enchantment of New York City by visiting its streets, parks, bars, restaurants, marketplaces, stores, galleries, and so on.

If you have any more questions, contact Zenith Moving and we will assist you every step of the way.