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Is it possible to mention “New York City” and “affordable housing” in the same phrase without someone erupting in laughter? We believe in that. Being experienced NYC movers, we have a good understanding of which communities are ideal for New Yorkers on a tight budget. We can assist you in locating the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City.

Some of the greatest communities in the Big Apple for people looking for cheap rent and a low cost of living are explained in our comprehensive guide. We also offer some advice on how to locate single-family homes and apartments at reasonable prices.

NYC’s Most Affordable Neighborhoods

There are some reasonably priced areas in each of the five boroughs of New York City: the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. Keep in mind that the term “affordable” is arbitrary; the rent in Manhattan is still more expensive than that of Staten Island.

Let’s get right into the most affordable communities in New York City:

1. Inwood, Manhattan

If you want to reside in a Manhattan neighborhood, Inwood is undoubtedly one of the more reasonably priced choices.

A one-bedroom apartment’s median monthly rent is $2,125, which is almost half of what comparable Manhattan areas charge—for instance, the NoMad district rents for an average of more than $5,500 per month.

This reasonably priced community is ideal for people who enjoy green spaces because it includes Inwood Hill Park.

2. Washington Heights, Manhattan

For individuals who wish to live in Manhattan without going over budget, Washington Heights is an additional excellent option. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,230.

Washington Heights is a fantastic neighborhood for anyone looking for diversity because of its large Dominican population. It’s also close to a lot of historical landmarks and the Hudson River.

3. Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge

If you’re looking for reasonably priced communities in Brooklyn, you might want to look at Bay Ridge’s row homes, brownstones, apartments, and condos. Here, the typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is a mere $1,950.

Sometimes people refer to this area as “Old Brooklyn” or “Real Brooklyn.” It has a lot of small, neighborhood stores and mom-and-pop enterprises. In “Saturday Night Fever,” Tony Manero also lived in the neighborhood.

4. Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay

Another reasonably priced Brooklyn area is Sheepshead Bay. One of the most affordable areas in the city, the median rent is only $1,638 per month.

This neighborhood is a great place for people who enjoy seafood and the beach. It’s a well-liked fishing location with cafes and restaurants serving some of the best fish meals in the city.

5. Briarwood, Queens

Briarwood is one of the numerous affordable communities in Queens. The average monthly rent in Briarwood for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,025.

There are numerous single-family homes and substantial apartment buildings in this neighborhood. It is also well-known for having easy access to parks and other green areas, as well as charming avenues lined with trees.

6. Flushing, Queens

Another nice place to check out if you’re looking for cheap rent in Flushing, Queens. Here, a one-bedroom apartment only costs $1,875 a month.

Numerous of the borough’s most popular attractions, such as the Queens Botanical Garden and Flushing Meadows Corona Park, are accessible from this area. Throughout the year, Flushing Town Hall also holds a ton of entertaining concerts.

7. Bronx’s Country Club

Unexpectedly, one of the most reasonably priced areas in the Bronx is the Country Club neighborhood. The average monthly rental cost of a one-bedroom home in this neighborhood is only $1,750.

Those looking for more suburban, small-town living at reasonable pricing can consider this location. It is also renowned for having one of the lowest rates of crime in the Bronx and is a safe neighborhood.

8. Bronx’s Morris Park

Another reasonably priced and secure area of the Bronx is Morris Park.

Here, the monthly median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,600. It’s therefore among the most reasonably priced locations on the list!

Access to numerous subway stations makes it simple to go from Morris Park to the neighboring boroughs. Additionally, the Bronx Zoo is nearby.

9. Tompkinsville, Staten Island

For some, the thought of relocating so far from Manhattan is unappealing. They change their minds, though, after seeing the cost of rent in Staten Island.

The Tompkinsville area on Staten Island is renowned for its affordability. Here, the monthly average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,400. Its median house sale price of slightly less than $490,000 makes it more accessible to prospective purchasers as well.

In summary

There are affordable housing options to be found in the city. You won’t have any trouble navigating New York’s cutthroat, quick-paced real estate market if you use our advice and strategies.

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