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Buying your first house might be a bit intimidating, like other significant life events. No matter how prepared you are, there will always be certain aspects you are unsure about or that, looking back, you wish you had handled better. 

We can’t guarantee that the procedure won’t cause you some worry, but just picture how wonderful it will feel to finally settle into and fall in love with your new place. To alleviate some of the stress, here are some essential actions that all first-time purchasers have to be aware of.

Make Sure It Fits Well

Is this your first house, or do you consider moving here to be a “forever” decision after years of renting? Does the arrangement satisfy your demands for both social spaces and private spaces? Will the house be large enough if you intend to grow your family sooner rather than later? To prevent future mistakes, pose questions similar to these now.

Do extensive research on suitable communities, taking into account things like overall safety, recreational opportunities, property taxes, and valuations. Try out your new commute at rush hour if you work from home. After this, take it as a good indication if you can still see yourself in the new setting.  

Make Sure the Time Is Appropriate

Take some time to browse through real estate websites such as Zillow to have a sense of the costs of similar houses in each neighborhood you are thinking about.

Including a real estate agent in the process is also a smart idea, since they can provide some assistance on financing and will be knowledgeable about the situation of the market. When the time comes for you to submit an offer, they will also take care of all the paperwork and discussions.

Use Your Nose, Ears, and Eyes to Navigate

Always remember to use all of your senses while you are on a tour of a possible house. In addition to keeping an ear out for any sounds, you should also inspect the inside and exterior of the house.

Inquire about the make and model of the roof as well as the plumbing and electrical systems. Having said that, you should also set aside some cash for any urgent house repairs or bargain with the seller to get a better price.

This is an interesting statistic: Nearly two-thirds (63%) of 2022 house buyers made at least one bid on a property they had only “visited” online, according to a poll of 1,900 home buyers. Our recommendation? Even while it’s feasible—and in some cases even necessary—to purchase a house before seeing it, we advise using 3D home tours to reduce the number of houses you plan to view.

Obtain a Pre-Approved Mortgage

A pre-approval letter can provide you an advantage over other buyers who haven’t taken this step by letting the seller and real estate agent know you’re a serious purchase. It also aids in narrowing down your search to locations that fit into your price range. 

Employ a Skilled House Examiner

Getting a professional inspection is an excellent idea even if it’s not required in many states and jurisdictions since it can prevent you from unintentionally purchasing a “money pit.” 

Just be advised that the majority of routine inspections do not include testing for bugs, mold, or radon. As a result, it’s critical to understand exactly what the inspection covers and to find out from your agent what further inspections you might want. Plan to be there during the event if at all feasible so that you may ask questions. 

Consider Closing Expenses

You should budget between two and five percent of your income for closing costs, which include origination, appraisal, and title search fees. You may frequently ask the seller to cover a portion of this in a buyer’s market. 

Make Sure You’ve Allotted Enough Money for the Move

The time and expense of moving to a new location must be taken into account, regardless of whether you’re going across town or the nation. Thankfully, at Zenith Moving, that’s something we know a lot about. Getting an estimate from one or more professional movers is one thing we advise doing sooner rather than later. It’s worth contacting Zenith Moving for a quote; there’s no commitment to accept one from one of our representatives.