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Guide to packing sports equipment for moving

When the time for relocation comes, you need to think about many things. These things include everything from finding a good moving company to making sure that all your belongings are properly packed. And ready for transport. Packing sports equipment for moving requires good preparation. The odd shapes and the weight of the items require you to pack carefully. You also need to plan ahead as different types of equipment require different packing techniques. So let’s take a look at what goes into packing sports equipment.

Problems you need to overcome when packing sports equipment for moving

Different items require you to have different approaches to packing. And it’s no different when it comes to packing sports equipment for moving. The trouble is that this equipment is either oddly shaped or quite heavy. And you need to find ways to properly pack everything without it getting loose in the transport. In addition, you don’t want your heavier sports gear damaging your other items. That’s why it’s important to find quality moving boxes in Manhattan and take things slow. Your main goal is to secure the items and get them ready for transport. Even if they do take a little extra space. 

Person training and thinking about packing sports equipment for moving
Sports equipment is heavy and hard for packing

Preparation is important when packing sports equipment for moving

Good preparation makes even the most difficult task easier. And it’s the same when packing sports equipment for moving. You need to start as early as possible. Only that way will you have enough time to do everything properly. 

When it comes to packing sports equipment you need to separate them into the light and heavy objects. Those two groups will need different packing materials. So, put your weights on one side for the room and your yoga mat on the other. Once you separate everything, you’ll have a much better idea of how many supplies to buy and how to go about packing everything.

Clean before you pack

Sports equipment is usually expensive, and it should be well taken care of. And it’s the same when you are packing it for the move. While you are already taking everything out, now is the perfect opportunity to clean your sports belongings. It doesn’t matter if you plan on putting it in Manhattan storage. Or if you want to unpack it as soon as you arrive. You will want everything to be nice and clean. So whenever you decide to use it, it will be ready.

A pile of cleaning cloths
Make sure to thoroughly clean your sports equipment

Use sturdy packaging when packing heavy sports equipment for moving

Heavy items in your sports equipment need to be properly secured when packed. And due to their weight cardboard boxes aren’t the best solution. So, as a replacement, you can use plastic bins. If that’s not an option, wrap each item with bubble paper. Take a moving box, cut the sides, and wrap the item with it. Use packing tape to secure everything. Make sure you label what’s inside, so both you and the residential movers Manhattan can offer you will know how to handle the item. When loading it into a moving truck it’s important not to place those heavy items on top of other moving boxes. As they can easily break what’s inside. 

Pack lighter items into cardboard moving boxes

Once you separate and clean everything, it’s time to start packing. When packing light sports gear, it’s best that you use cardboard boxes. They are easily disposed of, fairly cheap, and can hold a lot of items. So, your yoga mat, towels, sweatpants can go there. Just remember – the bigger the box the less weight it can carry. You don’t want your box to burst open in the middle of packing sports equipment for moving or, even worse, during the move itself!