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Moving to Astoria - pro guide

You have decided on moving to Astoria but are unsure of how to do it properly? Not to worry! In this article, we will discuss some of the basic things that you can do, in order to make your Astoria move successful and enjoyable. So, before you start packing your bags, there are a few things to consider such as which moving companies in Astoria NY to hire and how to plan and organize your relocation properly. To begin with, let us go over the ways in which you should organize and create a plan.

Creating a good plan when moving to Astoria

Whether you are relocating on your own or you plan on hiring professional movers Manhattan, you have to properly organize yourself for the move. Creating a good plan which you will follow during the relocation is the key to a successful and stress-free move. Moreover, when talking about a plan, we also count the things that you need to do before and during the move Let’s begin by taking a look at the some of things that should go into your plan.

Creating a plan.
Sit and write down the list of things that will go into your plan. Having a plan on paper is as equally important as having it in your mind.

Prepare yourself for the process of relocation

The process of relocation can be difficult and full of challenges. This is especially the case when moving to a large area such as New York City. It is for this reason that you should prepare yourself and your family both physically and mentally for the move. Talk to your friends and family members about the relocation, new neighborhood, and the challenges that might come with it.

Determine the date for the move

Set a good date for your move. Try to avoid any holidays and look for days which will have good weather. Relocating during a rainstorm or a blizzard can be extremely difficult and only adds more challenges to an already challenging process. If you are hiring movers, be in constant touch with them. In case anything changes in your schedule you have to notify them to avoid any unwanted complications.

Set your budget limit

When preparing for the move, you have to know exactly how much money you can spend on the relocation. Calculate every cost of the move and transportation. Contact professional movers to get a free quote for your move to Astoria. Always keep some extra cash aside in case of an emergency.

Calculate the exact costs of your move and set your budget limit.


Declutter your household inventory

This one is a must. It is crucial to put decluttering on the list of things that go into your plan for the move as it will make the process of packing a lot easier. Furthermore, you are getting rid of the items that you no longer need in your new home. There are a few ways you can do this but the easiest would be to contact your local charity organization. Some of the older items that you no longer need might be useful to other people. By donating you will not only declutter your inventory but also help out others. The other way to do it is to organize a yard sale. By organizing a yard sale you will not only get rid of the items you no longer need but also earn some extra cash that will go into your budget for the move. It is also a great way of spending some extra time with your old neighbors!

The process of packing

Packing will, without a doubt, take the majority of your time during relocation. It can be a difficult and complicated process. However, with the proper organization, you can turn packing into an enjoyable and stress-free part of your move. In order to do this, firstly you will have to acquire the right packing materials. The basic packing materials that you need are:

  1. Hard cardboard boxes. If do not have them, go online and visit websites such as Amazon for good and affordable cardboard boxes.
  2. Packing foam, cushions, and bubble wrap. Once you have the boxes for your items, you want to properly protect them while they are inside. To do this, use items such as packing foam and cushions to soften the sides of the boxes and wrap several layers of bubble wrap around your items for extra protection.
  3. Packing tape and scissors. Use the packing tape to secure the openings of the boxes during transport.
  4. Labels and markers. Properly mark each box for its content to avoid any damages during the move.

Ask your friends for some help

If you are unsure whether or not you can complete the packing on your own, do not be afraid to ask for some help! Contact your friends and ask them to help you pack. By having your friends pack with you, not only will the process of packing be easier but it will also be more efficient. On top of that, you can make the entire thing a lot more interesting by turning it into a game. Assign different roles and tasks to your friends and see who can pack the most items first!

Make the entire process of relocation easier and more efficient by asking your friends to help you pack!

Hiring a professional moving company

To have a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience during relocation, you will want to hire professionals. The benefits of having professionals help you pack and move are many. From providing you with necessary packing supplies and hired workers to securing transport vehicles for your items. However, hiring a professional and well-organized Manhattan office movers is difficult. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when searching for movers. Your budget will be the first of these things. Secondly, you want to ensure that the movers you are hiring can be trusted. Look for online reviews and ask around for any recommendations. Finally, do not hire movers that ask a lot of money in advance or want you to sign an inconclusive contract.


To have a successful and stress-free move you will have to follow a basic guideline. Make sure you create a good plan and properly organize yourself for the move. To complete it like a pro, hire professional movers, calculate every cost, and gather the right packing supplies. Follow these few basic steps and you will have a successful relocation in no time!