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Moving To Midtown Manhattan Made Easy

With so many different types of neighborhoods in New York, it can be hard to decide where you should move next. Luckily for you, one area particularly stands out. Hear us out – moving to Midtown Manhattan can be just what you need!

Midtown Manhattan
Midtown Manhattan

Yes, the area is familiar more as a commercial area that is full of offices and business headquarters, since it is near Times Square and Grand Central Terminal. However, it is so much more than that. Sub-neighborhoods such as Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Hudson Yards, Sutton Place, and Beekman, are the main reason why you should consider this location.

Moving To Midtown Manhattan – The Expectations

Midtown takes up a massive portion of Manhattan. It stretches from 34th Street to 59th Street and spans the entire island from the Hudson River to the East River. And unlike other smaller neighborhoods with distinct personalities, Midtown is so large that it has a variety of vibes between Midtown East and Midtown West.

On the east side, you’ll get a more classic NYC experience with access to some of the city’s most storied institutions. Meanwhile, the west side is filled with newer developments like Manhattan West and is home to a more bustling nightlife scene. So no matter what you like doing, you can find options on both ends of the spectrum in Midtown.

Moving to Midtown Manhattan – real estate market

Like in most Manhattan neighborhoods the cost of living is extremely higher than the national average. Some areas are too pricey even for NYC and Manhattan standards, and Midtown is one of them. Luckily, there are parts of Midtown Manhattan that are more affordable than others.

But let’s cut to the chase. The median sale price is higher in Midtown Manhattan compared to the rest of Manhattan. You’ll need around $3 million versus an average of $2 million. The same goes for the median rent here. A studio apartment will cost you $4,750, compared to $3,500 in most other Manhattan areas.

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, from studios to palatial dwellings with 10+ rooms. The co-ops, rentals,  brownstones, two-and three-story walk-ups, and 80-story apartment towers loaded with amenities are very common here so your options are great. Everyone can find something that suits them the best

What makes this magical is that you can choose to live in a charming pre-war building, or you can live in a super tall new building with all the high-end amenities.

Nothing beats the Midtown ambient

Most of you think that since Midtown is filled with many skyscrapers and office buildings, there are no open green spaces where you can soak up the sun and enjoy your free time. Yet you are all wrong, this area contains some of the most coveted green spaces in the city.

Midtown Manhattan is home to the beautiful Bryant Park. Here you’ll often find plenty of events year-round. During the winter a free ice-skating rink is located in Winter Village from November to March. During the spring and summer, musical and theatrical performances are hosted here as well.

The neighborhood goes all the way to the southern border of Central Park, with nearby features of green space including the Central Park Zoo, Heckscher Playground, and Wollman Rink. Hudson River Park borders Midtown as well up on the west. Here you’ll find jogging and biking paths, playgrounds, as well as numerous piers with kayaking available.

Public transportation  in Midtown

Midtown Manhattan has a great location we all know that. After moving you’ll have easy access to some of the largest transit hubs in the world, such as Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The neighborhood is served by every train line. This means commuting in all of Manhattan is straightforward and fast.

Also, there are plenty of commuter lines to the Long Island Railroad, Metro-North, New Jersey Transit, and areas north and south of the city. Amtrak trains traveling throughout the country will take you from Moynihan Train Hall across from Penn Station.

Things To Do And See After Moving To Midtown Manhattan

There are countless indoor and outdoor options when it comes to activities. Even though there are lots of tourist attractions, Midtown also houses some of the city’s world-class restaurants, shops, and nightlife that locals and tourists love. Also, Midtown is recognized for luxury shopping.

A plethora of historical landmarks such as the Chrysler Building, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel, and Billionaire Row on 57th Street, are located here. Midtown Manhattan is also the heart of all the action. The Theater District, Carnegie Hall, and other music venues such as Madison Square Garden and Radio Music Hall are here. There are several cultural spots such as the Museum of Modern Art and the main branch of the NYC Public Library.

Moving To Midtown Manhattan Is Easy With The Right Team

Relocation involves a lot of tasks that need to be completed. It can be pretty stressful if you aren’t good at organizing things. However, it does not have to be like that if you find the right moving experts to accompany you. Our team of experts will make your Midtown Manhattan relocation process go smoothly.

With our professionals by your side, you will not have to think about the transportation of your belongings so you will have more time to focus on everything else. When you know everything is under control moving to Midtown Manhattan you will be more relaxed.

If you decide to relocate here make sure you contact Zenith Moving and one thing is for certain, with us you will not make a mistake.