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Moving To Washington DC: Life In Nation's Capital
Thomas Jefferson national memorial
Thomas Jefferson national memorial

The U.S. capital, Washington, D.C., attracts more people every year. Moving to Washington city is a great opportunity not only for politicians and government workers. This is a vibrant city full of culture and history, known for tourism, high salaries, low unemployment rates, and great job opportunities.

The city may be renowned for its fierce politics, but there’s so much more to living in Washington. The area is full of vibrant culture, a great educational system, a lot of fun activities, and national attractions. The population is already above 700,000 people, and the predictions say it will rise by incredibly 47% by 2045.

So as you can see Washington is a real hot spot for newcomers who are looking for a great education and prosperous job opportunities. If you’re among the many people thinking about moving to Washington here are a few things you should know before packing your bags.

The Traffic Jams Are Brutal In Washington

A lot of people here rely on the Metro, buses, the streetcar, Uber, and taxis, instead of driving on their own. The reason is traffic jams. If you want to commute by your car be prepared to lose a lot of time and nerves since traffic in Washington is merciless.

Many people make a big mistake by moving to less expensive housing in the suburbs, but they lose a lot of money on gas prices. Not to mention the amount of frustration on a daily level. You’ll waste so much time in traffic that you’d wish your day has at least 36 hours.

Consider The Cost Of Living When Moving To Washington

The cost of living in Washington is high. This city is home to many wealthy residents, and housing costs in the District are out of reach for many. The median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Washington, D.C. is above $3,000! While the national average is $1,800!

As I mentioned suburban is a way cheaper option. But if you work in downtown Washington suburban is not a good idea. The amount of money you’ll spend on gas can be added to your current rent, and believe me for that amount you can move to a closer neighborhood.

Taxes Are Different In Washington

The taxation system is another factor that adds to the high cost of living in Washington. The sales tax in the city is 5.75%, however, certain purchases are taxed at a higher rate. A good example is an alcohol, when you buy it and consume it off-premises you are taxed at 10%. The same goes for restaurant meals and takeout orders.

Here a hotel tax is approximately 14.5%. If you want to park your car in a garage, you’ll pay a tax rate of 18%. Make sure you get accustomed to these rules after moving to Washington, or else you risk some pricey fines.

Museums Are Everywhere

If you are a big fan of museums you will love Washington. Here you don’t need to pay to be able to visit world-class museums. However, not all of the city’s museums are free, but most are.

This is one of the benefits of moving to Washington, and not only when friends and relatives visit from out of town. Imagine being able to see all those collections, and historical artifacts free of charge, you can never be bored here. Bad weather, walk to the Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History. Don’t know what to do, visit International Spy Museum.

There are so many museums here that you must visit. Also, many museums host free talks, receptions, and film screenings.

You Need To Think About How You Dress!

This might sound conservative, but remember where are you heading. The Washington is nation’s capital city, so being conservative and respecting a dress code is a bare minimum here. Learn to dress casual but to stay respective, also formal wear is a must in most places.

Unless you work at places like the tech industry, and startup companies, here you are allowed to be yourself. Here is a word of advice, when you are getting ready for the job interview, no matter the position, go in formal clothes, people here respect that.

History Is Everywhere You Look

If you love history then moving to Washington is your dream come true. You need to know that history in Washington isn’t just about politics, presidents, and senators. A lot of important historical moments happened in this city.

Washington played a key role in civil rights history, the labor movement, and the women’s suffrage movement. I bet that now you understand why so many school trips revolve around Washington DC.

Brunch Is A Thing In Washington

Residents of Washington might not have time for a proper lunch, but they don’t say no to a quick laid back brunch. A lot of neighborhoods with a high concentration of younger residents are loaded with brunch places that are so busy on the weekends.

If you never brunched before then this is a great place to start. However, since these places are ultra-popular, make a reservation, arrive early, or embrace the fact that you’ll need to wait in line. Also, don’t be surprised but small plates and portions are a big thing here, as well as after-work happy hours.

Tourists Are All Around

Washington is a magnet for tourists. If you don’t have patience for them, you may have a tough time here. Embrace the fact that you’ll occasionally be trapped behind a group of tourists that are slowly walking and site seeing while you are in a hurry. The nation’s capital is important for all Americans, so try to stay friendly as much as you can.

Moving To Washington Summary

Washington Monument
Washington Monument

Life in the nation’s capital can be very pricey, but keep in mind that here you will have a lot more options to advance in your carrier and educate yourself further! Knowing all that I’m sure you understand why the cost of living here is such demanding!

If everything I wrote didn’t change your mind and you still want to find your place here, Zenith Moving Company is here for you to arrange everything according to your desire. Send us a message so we can arrange some dates as soon as possible!