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Reasons why you should write moving company reviews

Moving is not an easy task. And finding a reliable and trustworthy company is not easy as well. Before you decide to hire a moving company, there are a lot of things to check and consider. One of them is their reviews. The best evidence about any business is their reviews. When you start looking for Manhattan commercial movers you will look for the one with the best reviews. So one of the most important reasons why you should write moving company reviews is the fact that you will be helping people who are in your position. Also, you will help the moving company, no matter if it is a positive or a negative review.

Where you should write moving company reviews?

A lot of people are not sure where to actually write their moving company reviews. There are a lot of different options online and going through all of them can be a task that will take time. Places that you should consider to write reviews are:

  • Website of the moving company
  • Online forums
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
phone with apps that you will use to write moving company reviews
Using social media to write down moving review is recommended

Also, you can check local websites that are dedicated to this. It is important to write a moving company review that is significant to that area, especially if you are using services of interstate moving companies NYC. Make sure to write a review on a website that covers the area you are moving to. 

How to write a moving company review?

When you decide to write a moving review you need to be really precise. When you were searching for a moving company, what you were looking for? What reviews for helpful? Put yourself in that position again and write a moving review. Try to write down all the details, no matter if your review is positive or negative. This is especially important if you used some additional services like packing your belongings. Write how did the mover handle your belongings, was anything damaged and what type of relocation did you hire them for. Was it a long-distance or local relocation? Every detail is important!

Be careful about your personal information

Although you should be specific about all the details there are some things that you should not mention in your moving review. You should not write your full name or your full address. You should be careful about those details. Simply, you should be writing a moving company review but you should not overshare information. It is enough to write what type of relocation did you hire them for, and the details about it.

What details are important in a moving company review?

We mentioned some of the details, but there are other details that you should mention as well. As we already mentioned, you need to write what type of relocation you hired the moving company for. After that, you should mention the city. And of course, be sure to mention the moving company itself. For example, you can start with “I moved to NYC and hired Zenith Moving NYC to help me”. 

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Make sure to write down all the positive and negative aspects of your relocation

One of the things that you also should mention is the time of your relocation. Was it summer or winter? That can affect the price and the service provided as well. Next, you need to write were the movers polite, were they on time. Also, write down how did they handle your belongings. And if you have any negative feedback – write that as well. It will help their future customers, but it will help the moving company as well. They will know what things they should improve. And that is why it is important to write moving company reviews.

If you write a moving company review you will be helping other potential customers

If you decide to write a moving review you will be helping a lot of people in the future. Just remember your search for a reliable moving company and how that felt. By writing an honest moving review you will help people who are trying to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company. They will know what to expect from them -are they punctual, polite, or maybe they expect them to help their moving crew. All the details will make the difference, and someone will be grateful for that. Especially if they need some special and expensive moving service. An honest review from someone who used that moving company can help a lot!

Reviews help moving companies as well

If you decide to write moving company reviews keep in mind that not only you will be helping potential customers – you will be helping a moving company as well. If you write a positive, honest review – it is a free positive advertisement for them. You will help them to grow their business. But on the other hand, if you had any negative experiences you will help them as well. They will know what their weakness is, and they will be able to improve. They will know how to handle any possible future issues and their customers will know what to expect.

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Positive moving reviews are a free positive advertisement for the company

You should share your experience

Besides helping customers and moving company – writing a moving review is a good thing to do. You will share your experience with the world, and potentially help someone who is in your position. Maybe you will even meet some interesting people. After all, the internet is something that is truly amazing.

Always be objective

In case you had a negative experience, try to stay objective. If you write a moving review at the moment when you were angry it might sound wrong. Be objective, and be honest. Write down all the things that were handled badly and point them out. Also, that way the moving company will do their best to resolve a dispute. A reliable and serious moving company pays attention to every moving review and they do their best to serve their customers. And sometimes that means resolving a dispute!