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You’ve probably done some research and found a variety of storage solutions. Especially if you’ve been organizing your home or need to store your possessions for a while.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what you’re receiving with the two most popular storage alternatives. So, this way you may choose between a do-it-yourself self-storage unit and an on-demand storage service “with a little help from the professionals” in a well-informed manner.

Read on for an explanation of various storage possibilities. As well as which steps in the storage procedure call for your participation, and what a reputable storage business like Zenith Moving removes from your hands.

Self-Storage Unit Alternative

For those who require constant access to the items they are storing, this can be the best solution. A smaller overall number of items to be saved is also preferable. With this choice, it is you, the customer, who will be responsible for managing the logistics of storage. Plan the loading, transporting, and unloading of your belongings into the storage facility.

What’s usually expected of you:

  • Figuring out in advance the size of the storage unit you require
  • Make plans to reserve a storage unit in advance of your move (note: it’s wise to prepare ahead since there may be a wait at some facilities owing to the increased demand for storage space).
  • Arranging for the pickup and transportation of your belongings to the space, whether you use/rent a car or hire a moving company
  • Putting your things in a bag and securing it
  • Making a list of your possessions
  • Whether you hire movers to load it for you or you load and arrange the storage container yourself
  • Securing your unit (sometimes by buying a lock)
  • Buying insurance or verifying that you are already covered
  • Paying any movers you employed to assist with the storage unit and tipping them

What self-storage businesses frequently provide:

  • Storage containers of various sizes
  • Access to your belongings anytime you need them (usually during business hours, though some are available around the clock)
  • Insurance protection (may differ; frequently incurs an additional fee)
  • Security measures (which vary depending on the facility)
  • Selling packing materials
  • Climate control (may differ; extra fees may apply)

The Pick-up, Drop-off, and Storage Service Options for On-Demand Storage

On-Demand storage is the practice of storing your possessions with a storage company that handles pick-up, drop-off, and storage all at once.

Demand storage is practical, particularly if you lack the time to handle the arrangements yourself, reside in a big city, lack access to a car, and don’t frequently need to use your time.

What’s usually expected of you:

  • Identifying the goods that require storage
  • If you choose the additional packing service, they will box and secure your things as well as your smaller objects.
  • Using a moving and storage business that provides on-demand storage to plan the pickup or delivery of your belongings to and from their storage location

What On Demand Storage offers:

  • Complete storage process management and logistics. Your belongings’ transfer, storage, and packing.
  • Large furniture item packing and wrapping are included in the storage move-in price.
  • Storage and item pickup/delivery combined into a single process
  • Storage is determined by total item volume rather than available space in a storage container. This is a more economical and practical storage option.
  • A monitored, safe storage facility where you can keep your belongings
  • A list of your possessions
  • Basic insurance protection for your possessions, with the choice of supplemental insurance

Considerations to Have In Mind as You Choose a Storage Option

When deciding which storage option will best suit your demands and fit your storage budget, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How frequently will I need to access the things I’ll be storing?
  • How long must I keep my belongings in storage? Should I return some of my items before others?
  • How many things (total volume) do I want to retain in storage?
  • Do I have to keep my things in storage there?
  • What safeguards are in place at the storage facility to protect my belongings?
  • Do I require a climate-controlled space to store my items in good condition?
  • Which insurance policies are covered by the storage service?
  • Do I need help moving my belongings to and from storage, or can I do it myself?

By figuring out your responses, you can make a list of features that best meet your storage demands. Then you can research to find out which facilities and storage service categories offer the items you need. Before making a choice, it is often a good idea to seek prices from multiple facilities or services.

To Sum Up

When deciding on the best storage or self-storage solution, there is a lot of research to be done. For individuals who desire a fully insured and professional touch when moving and safely storing their possessions, Zenith Moving can handle every aspect.

We’ll set up a date and time to pick up your stuff after you and we determine the approximate total volume of your items. If you’d like, our moving specialists may pack your items to keep them secure while they’re being stored. You can arrange to have your possessions delivered to you whenever and wherever you are in the nation after bringing them back to our safe storage facility. You’ve already put in the effort to determine what must be kept to enjoy some peace of mind. Now let’s make the remaining steps simple!