You are currently viewing Tipping your movers – when should you do it?

Hiring a reliable moving company is one of the best ways to make sure that your relocation goes smoothly and with ease. A moving company can really help you with all the potential problems. Stress will be minimal and your belongings will be relocated without any problems. But, like any other industry, there is always the same question. Should you reward the professional movers Manhattan that you choose to hire? When should I tip my movers? There is no golden rule about tipping your movers. This decision is up to you. But there are certain moments when you should consider doing it.

First of all, should you be tipping your movers?

This is a very often question. People are not sure should they be tipping their movers. The standard tipping formula is that you tip 15 to 20 percent of your total price. But this is not really applicable to this case. Simply put, you already hired your moving company and you are paying for relocation. Depending on if it is a long-distance relocation or local – the price can vary. Also, depending on additional moving services Manhattan – the price of your relocation can be high. So, first of all, you are not obligated to tip your movers. It is your choice, but there are certain situations when you should consider tipping your movers.

What is the right amount to tip the movers?

As we mentioned, you do not have to tip them 15 to 20 percent. For example, for a simple relocation without any additional services like packing and unpacking, tipping $20 per mover is more than sufficient. But, if there are some fragile items, or you got the full package – you should consider tip them a little bit more. Again, we need to mention that this is your choice and that you are not obligated to do it. Depending on your budget and all of your costs – you can tip your movers accordingly.

What are the situations that you should consider tipping your movers?

So, as previously mentioned, there are certain situations when you should consider rewarding your residential movers Manhattan. Simply, that can be your gesture of gratitude for their job well done. Especially if you have some sensitive items.

Consider tipping if you have some fragile/antique items

If your movers are handling some fragile or antique items, you should consider tipping them. Simply, items like this require much more attention and knowledge. Especially, if you hired a reliable and trustworthy commercial moving company in Manhattan. If they are really taking good care of your belongings and paying special attention to items like this – there is no reason not to tip them. Keep in mind that if your budget is tight and you simply do not have room to tip them, you can maybe offer them some drinks. That is a nice gesture, and your moving crew will be grateful.

Moving quickly

If you scheduled last-minute relocation, and your movers are there on time and doing everything as fast as possible you really should consider tipping your movers. If they understand your situation and are giving you an extra hand, and maybe even helping with packing – you really should include a tip. It doesn’t have to be large or anything, but simply a gesture of goodwill and appreciation.

If the move is complicated, consider tipping your movers

Some relocations are simply more complicated than others. For example, if your movers need to go up and down the stairs, carrying all of your furniture and above that, you have some fragile and sensitive items you should consider paying them a little bit extra. If you see that your movers are going the extra mile, and they are really doing their best to help you relocate – you should award them. Also, if you are relocating long-distance you know that requires additional precautions.

If you are relocating long-distance you know that your belongings should be loaded into the truck more carefully. All of your belongings need to be safe and survive a long trip to your new home. That is why you should make sure to use reliable packing materials that you can purchase from your mover or on online websites.

Consider weather conditions

If you are moving in winter or autumn, there is a great possibility that it might rain or even snow. Either way, it will probably be pretty cold. So, in this situation, you should really consider tipping your movers and maybe even make sure to have some hot beverages. This can benefit you, as well as your moving company. It will help you get through the day, and it will help your movers. Even if you do not tip them, making sure you have a cup of coffee or hot tea can really make the situation much better.

If your movers are friendly – award them

If you found a moving company, and the moving crew that they have sent is really friendly and they are genuinely nice to you and your family – it is nice to award them. Moving day can be stressful, and it is nice to have someone on your side, to help you overcome any possible obstacles. Especially if you have kids or pets. A positive, well mannered and nice moving crew can really make a difference during your moving day.

Helping you assemble your furniture

If your moving crew is really helpful, and they will help you to assemble some basic furniture without charging you extra – you really should consider tipping your movers. Also if they help you to assemble the bed, keep in mind that it will help you with your first night in your new home.

Quality above all

If you hired a good and reliable moving company, and you got a really good and quality service, and you are satisfied with everything – that is one of the best reasons to tip your movers. The feeling that you get after the relocation, that everything went smoothly and everything was done in a proper manner is the most important thing. If they relocated your belongings without any problems or damages and you are satisfied with the service overall – be sure to tip your movers!