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Moving to The Financial District - the Zenith Guide

The Financial District, also known as the financial heart of NYC, is the home of Wall Street. Busy and crowded during the day, and you can only imagine chaotic traffic. However, the Financial District can be a peaceful neighborhood after work hours. A Scoundrels of Wall Street Tour is something you need to take if you’ve never been to or you are planning to move to the Financial District. It is an amazing walking historical tour that includes museums and the 9/11 memorial.  If you are plan about moving to the Financial District you have come to the right place.  Our moving company prepared the perfect moving guide just for you.

Moving to The Financial District – Pack less and help your community in the process

Moving to The Financial District is no different from any other move. You will need to pack your old living space and move everything to your new house or an apartment. However, there are some things you should know about helping your community while you are moving.  We have prepared for you a few things you can do to make your packing easier, so let’s get started:

  • Make a yard sale. You are not planning to take stuff you do not use with you and move it to your new apartment, are you? A yard or a garage sale will help you “get rid” of them while making some extra money. Also, it can help you pack your garage for moving. You should sell old furniture and stuff you haven’t used in a long time. You want to start fresh in a new living space. Approach your new apartment like it is a blank canvas and decorate with furniture that brings you joy.
  • Donate old clothes.  There are a lot of charities and shelters to which you can donate your old clothes, kids’ toys, and shoes. You do not necessarily have to bring with you everything you own; if you are not going to wear it, donate it. Your old clothes will bring someone joy and happiness. Moreover, you will feel good about yourself. You indeed helped your community. 
A yard sale
You might consider organizing a yard sale for your unwanted items

Think about getting some help for your move as well

Make sure you get some help with your move. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Friends and family members can help you with packing. However, we recommend you to hire Financial District movers, they are specialized in moving to the Financial District after all. They can help you not only with the move and you can also ask them to help you with packing. All you need to do is to contact your moving company and give them all instructions you have. More information they have your communication with them and relocation will be easier. Do that and you will have a smooth move to the Financial District.

A moving checklist
Make sure to make a really good checklist for your move

Keep in mind that you need to find the perfect movers for the job. Do the research on moving companies in your area. Choose carefully who are you going to hire. Not that good moving company can make you, even more, stressed out, and it can ruin the experience for you. You might never trust any moving company again. For this reason, it is important to read reviews. If you are happy with your moving company and with the job they did, you should write a moving company review. That can help other people who are looking for a moving company to hire them.

Some of the best moving tips you have to keep in mind while moving to the Financial District

After you found one of the moving companies Manhattan has to offer, you should hire them. You should give them all information about the moving: where you moving and where is your current place of living, the date you chose for your move, etc. If you already have this sorted out, that means you are almost ready to move. However, there are some things you should keep in mind as well:

  • Pack everything in the boxes. Boxes are easier to carry and your movers will appreciate if everything is packed in boxes and labeled. You need to label boxes with fragile stuff in them. Do not forget to empty all of the drawers and cabinets, even if you did not use them that often in the past. You might find inside them some things you forgot you had or you thought you have lost. 
  • Recheck your checklist. You should double-check your checklist the night before the move. The reason for this is to make sure your essentials are in place and everything is ready and packed for the move. Imagine you forgot some of your essentials or you haven’t pack things you can not live without. When your movers come they will just take boxes ready for the move, and it is easier to coordinate move when you do not think of belongings you might have forgotten to put in the boxes.
Stored goods inside a warehouse
Having enough storage space is always a good idea for your move

Don’t forget, you might need extra storage

There might be some of your furniture pieces or artworks you won’t be able to put in your new apartment. Especially if you are leaving your two-tier suburb house and moving to the Financial District apartment. For that reason, we advise you to rent climate-controlled storage Long Island City has to offer. For example, if you have pointing that is a family heritage, but it will not look good in your new living room you will need a place to store it. Storage is a better solution than an attic or basement. Climate-controlled storage units are the perfect place to keep your belongings you plan to use again in the future.

Moving to the Financial District does not have to be as stressful as you think it will be. However, with great movers by your side, everything will be pice of cake. We truly hope our moving companies guide was helpful to you. Good luck with your move.